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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Very much Untitled

I wonder sometimes how many of us are actually doing what we WANT to do?  If I took a sample of the 100, maybe 200 people I know, my guess would be less than 5%.  Fair?  Does anyone think that is too pessimistic?

I know when I was overseeing a furniture delivery yesterday on the East Side of Manhattan there was a moment I thought of my senior year Shakespeare seminar.  I also took Romantic Prose and Poetry that semester, where I met, what was then, my Birkenstock wearing, hippie-dress loving wife.  From 8 weeks detailing every move Othello made to making sure a loading dock frees up so my cabinetry gets to its home.

Interesting for sure.  Can I somehow draw parallels to the very different worlds.  My carpenter, the Iago of my life: constantly jockeying for position and power.  New York City the cruel and dangerous backdrop, al la Venice.  Water surrounds me as I watch over the jobsite, and its union tuffs.  The mere sight of me brings ire to the watchmens eyes.

"Keep the truck here you are not moving it." yells the foreman.  "At 2pm making a delivery I am not the most accommodating."   He snarls.  "Truth is I never am."

I patiently wait and pace the dirty street.  "This delivery has to get in."  I say in my very non-intimidating voice.  Had originally reserved the loading dock from 10am to noon.  Big problem when product does not arrive until noon.  It's too late...  the dock is full.

Calls and emails get me no where.  And forget about the street/walk up option.  Hells no.  We wait.  And I pay...  Hours later my truck sits on the street running up the bill.

Suddenly, the truck in front of us makes a move.  The last blanket is folded, the door closes, and a engine roars.

2:20 I see my product back in to the dock and product starts hitting racks and dollies.

 "Better late than never."  I tell the laborers and disappear.  I catch a cab downtown and make my way out of the City.  Scared, for a moment, that what I have left behind plans its next move.  Does revolt await me?  Will the job be complete before deadline?  Has the hit been ordered?

Am I just making things more complex?  Do I find drama where none exists?  Probably and attempt to use the English/Sociology knowledge I trained so hard to attain.

I examine the group as a whole.  I anticipate their next move to grab an advantage.  The Castle gets unprotected for one minute...  Iago will seize the Kingdom.

Right.  Just a pathetic attempt to rationalize the student loan bill that stares me in the face.

"Look I study Sociology on a daily basis...  and now I am writing about. " he mutters optimistically...

Maybe I am using my degree...  and maybe I am doing what I want to do...

Problem is I never trained to make money.  I find that does not play real well when you work and live near NYC.  Probably speaks to an overall ignorance that I realizing that now.

added bonus:


Who cares.  But no Heat please.

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  1. Getting paid to use my degree is something I haven't been smart enough to figure out yet :)