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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Game Day

It is probably a little sad I prefer to be in Jersey on the days I coach.  Sadder still I filled out a lineup card around 8:30 this morning.  If only I paid this much attention to other things in my life...

Why do I know the initials DSK?  Do we live in a time when alleged rapists dominate the news and get their own nickname? 

Sad that I know Hines Ward has some sort of "Mirror Ball" trophy.  Oh, and Kirstie Alley lost 40 pounds.  Anna Kournikova is going to be on next season's "Biggest Loser." 

Vancouver is advancing to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time since 1994.  That reminds me of the dreaded Rangers and gap toothed Mark Messier guaranteeing their victory over the Canucks that year.  And then I remember something about him dating or marrying Carol Alt.  Though, maybe I am wrong, she might have dated every hockey player but him. 

Those were the glory days of Supermodels.  But was Alt one of them?  Brings me to Fred Norris and the Howard Stern show...  Fred never classified her as one.  Pretty, but not a "Super" model.  No, that group was Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Helena, Naomi...  not Alt.  Although, she was in Sports Illustrated.  But so was Kathy Ireland?  Hmmm, she wasn't a supermodel either, was she?

And is it true that Ireland is now a major retail player?  How is that?  She selling sheets or something?  That is not hot.  There were 4 or 5 years in a row when she was parading the tiniest bikini known to man all over America.  Now, she is pushing knitware and soaps to house fraus  I don't get excited by that.  In fact, I get a little sad.

Least Paulina Porizkova is still married to Rik Okasek.  That is a bit more rock and roll.  A bit more bad ass.  I like to think she barely speaks English too.  Someone has to still be living a rock star life, right? 

I thought that of Steven Tyler not long ago.  Now I hear a single on Hits 1 fresh off his guest job on American Idol.  Did I hear right that 90 million people voted for a winner last week?  That many people still watch that show? 

Could I be any less relevant?  I have not watched one minute of that show this season.  Am I the only one?

And what exactly is that show producing?  I suppose Kelly Clarkson and certainly Carrie Underwood are bona fide stars.  But how many seasons are we in now?  Seems like way more duds than true stars.  What of Taylor Hicks? that fat guy? the girl,that got that show, that's on that network with the guy, who does the recap shows? 

Then , out of the blue, I am unnerved thinking of this:

Joplin, Missouri is a town of 50,000 people.  That is bigger than my town.  In fact, it's bigger than the town I grew up in and current town combined.  Now it is in ruin.  Maybe my juvenile concerns seem trivial. 

But, not quite.  Because I think all of of those who thought the world was going to end last Saturday.  And we are still here.  And it frustrates me that I have to share oxygen with them. 

Couldn't this have been an opportunity to round them all up, put them on a boat, and set them off to sail.  Then you give some Sudanese pirates a couple mil and their location and sit back and watch some Social Darwinism.  Is that wrong?  They clearly were prepared to die or at least "find salvation."  With that much faith a few pirates will not deter them from almighty salvation.

And these are the ponderous items that clog my tired mind.  Probably all just defense mechanisms meant to prevent me from looking at harder truths.

Like, what is the deal with Oprah?  Is she a deity?  That much power frigthens and confuses me.  You bet I am jealous.

By the way...  terrific Pandora session.
I cannot recommend this app/website more.   Be a total nerd and get a few of these stations.  The National, Decemberists, The Smiths and Elliot Smith.  For those super lazy, mellow summer/spring days I swear will happen.  Ok, you might want to have a few beers first, or any other change of "perspective" remedy you prefer.

Some notable tracks:  "Detlef Schrempf" by Band of Horses.  I still kick myself for staying too long in Newark's Ironbound and missing them open for Pearl Jam last year.  These guys are terrific.  Loved Schrempf the player too.  Helped he played for my Sonics.   "Queen of the Surface Streets" by DeVotchKa Don't know much about these guys...  except they had a song in the overrated movie "Little Miss Sunshine."  Good sound though and I am going to be researching them.  "True Affection" by The Blow  Apparently this is a chik/visual artist/Brooklyn hipster who sings over electronic beats.  Whatev.  I dig it.

Back to the important matters of the day...  who plays left field tonight?  2nd base?

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