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Monday, May 2, 2011

Thoughts on Bin Laden

Lost in the euphoria of our brave soldiers executing Osama Bin Laden is one, very powerful image.  The spot where revelers met, the former World Trade Center, is still very much an empty chasm of despair.  Lower Manhattan looks more like the Newport Pavonia section of Jersey City than the economic centerpiece of the World.

Nearly 10 years have passed since 9.11 and yet I felt no safer commuting in today than I did last week.  In fact, if anything I am more concerned.  What could Bin Laden have been scheming for the past decade?  Do his minions have express orders to orchestrate scenes of mayhem once he has been killed? 

In other words, the more things change... 

The catastrophic events a decade ago are still being felt today, with or without Bin Laden's head.  The banking and car industry never recovered.  We all know how the housing sector took an enormous dive in the shallow end of the pool. 

More and more each day soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and ugh, now Libya, are fighting both a fickle and often unknown enemy.   In reality, most of these events can be linked to Bin Laden and his terror.  Will we recover now that he is dead?  I certainly hope so.  But can we really think this transformation will occur quickly?  Dare I say efficiently?  Doubtful.

We have natural disasters swallowing towns like Joey Chestnut consumes hot dogs on the 4th of July.  Our allies, like Japan, have their own significant issues to work out.  Our reliance on foreign oil and goods (thanks China for loading my house with cheaply made toys) has become more and more comical.  Healthcare continues to be unresolved even though I heard Obama care passed both Houses a while ago.  Tell that to my dentist, shrink and private insurer who bilk me any chance they can.  And who am I to argue??  If they pay anything I feel like I have won a battle.

So, you will excuse me if I will not wave my flag and think we have turned the corner.  I love this Country.  I admire the soldiers that fight for our freedoms.  But to cheer and act as if we won something rings a bit hollow.

And when we cheer the death of someone doesn't it look a bit like those terrorists we are trying to stifle???

In all the footage I saw this morning I was waiting for folks burning an effigy and chanting in arabic. 

There comes a time each day when I wonder what my contigency plan is when terrorism hits NYC again.   Today for instance, we were both in town while my daughter attended school.  When I stop thinking about how she will be picked up, cared for, talked to about why mommy and daddy aren't with her...  that is when I might exhale and be assured progress has been made.  

I have appointments on the East Side near the UN tomorrow and maybe some time near ultra left NYU too.  Without question my eyes will still be open, color coded security warning or not. 

There was indeed a mission accomplished.   For the time being I am unsure and unfazed by the practical implications surrounding it.


  1. well put Henry.. from Carolyn

  2. Like!! I agree with Carolyn, well put Henry. When I heard the news and heard the reactions to it, I was floored. Ok, bad guy down, but celebrating this seems highly inappropriate to me.

  3. Exactly.. Isnt anyone else concerned? Very well written. Thinking you should continue writing current events and popculture for suburbanites...well done. It's some of your best writing.