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Friday, March 2, 2012

Jack of All Trades...

It has been a very challenging week.  Some are just harder than others.

A deep sense of melancholy has hit me this Friday afternoon.  Is it the cold rain?  Is it the endless winter or hope for Spring?  Who knows?

One thing is certain however.

An honest effort is being made to make this space a nice diversion from the mundane.  After all, who really wants to hear about pets and their worms?  People and their theology?  Tim Tebow?  Grammys and Oscars?

Let's hope all of you!  And here is also hoping you like new music too.

It is understood that many of you are comfortable with what you listen to.  That is totally cool.  It is this bloggers opinion that many, many new musicians playing today are supremely talented and should be heard.  It is so difficult to make it in the music industry today that the goal is to help out some hungry artists and see if more folks can get turned on to a world otherwise unknown.  Fridays this column will continue to spotlight new(er) music that is a little left of mainstream.

Today is a day to ignore the gas prices and primaries.  Have some fun this weekend and make someone smile.  Decide what to be, and go be it.

Start here:  Jumping off Point  then head here:  Follow Like So Many Sheep  Good spots to add your own opinion, share in the conversation, tell us what the hell Pininterest is, rant, rave, laugh, cry, learn, teach, inhale, exhale, and hopefully enjoy.


A little over a year ago the Grammy's crowned/praised/lavished the Canadian Indie band Arcade Fire their highest honors.  They have been mostly silent since.  Their LP The Suburbs had the kind of lasting power that allows them some time off.  They have contributed a song for the upcoming film The Hunger Games called "Abraham's Daughter."  It has a middle ages, goth sing going for it.  Chants and driving guitars/strings cascade as it comes to a very satisfying conclusion.  If the movie is half as dramatic we may have our first blockbuster of the year.  Your thoughts?  What are these Hunger Games people speak of?  The song:  Arcade Fire new track

Speaking of Canada...  Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) is an electro act described in the bedroom pop category.  Her sound blends 80s porn opening credits score and German house music.  Nice vocals and clear production quality too.  The opening track from her 3rd album, "Oblivion" is simple synth fun with a downright goofy video.  Oblivion  This also would fit nicely in an 80s Brian DePalma movie or David Hasselhoff tv pilot.

M83's "Midnight City" got all the acclaim last year...  as has Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know."  Those two guys with Belgian ties are far more than one hit wonders.  Each record is engaging and entertaining.  Put them on in the background and soon you will be drifting off and finding a new song to love.  Take these for example:
M83 Reunion  and Gotye Easy Way Out  Short one folks...  2 minutes will not kill you!!!  Another home run video too!!!  Today I am feeling like the protagonist in this video for sure!!!

Wye Oak, the Maryland duo, failed to captivate me live last year.  It had lots to do with the computers and gimmicks that dominated their show.  They can play though, as this clip from their song Civilian proudly displays.  A friend of the blog (thanks Dave C!!) turned me on to this track.  It played at the end of The Walking Dead last week, and from good authority, it fit quite nicely.  You be the judge.

For the record the greatest end scene/music clip was Sia's "Breathe Me" from the Six Feet Under finale.  Better television does not exist!!!  Exhibit A through Z:  Pure Genius  Just got sucked in again and started tearing up!!  Damn you Sia!!!

Because we cannot stop for pop...  nor will we ignore it...  we present Fun.  Yes, the band name is awful and the opening verse is a disaster.  But the payoff is strong and it is infectious.  Tonight... We Are Young

NJ's Real Estate has been on constant play around these offices.  Their latest video has a street team kidnapping a dj for more airplay.  If it were that simple.  It has a Sopranos "Pine Barrens" feel too which is extra special.  Days

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour annoyed us to no end with their IPod ad song "Around the Bend" a few years back.  Their latest has all the trappings and annoyances of that track, yet we eat it up like so much candy.  Heart Attack

Finally, from the way back machine (2008 to be specific,) allow me to show some underrated Ben Folds.  His album Songs for Silverman really had some deftly written and performed songs.  Two stand out for me...  his requiem for the dearly departed Elliot Smith Late and one of his classic love songs Landed  You can judge singers and contests if you put out material like this.

Happy Weekend All!!!

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