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Friday, March 23, 2012

Suddenly in the Land of Tebow

Let the record state this blogger lives in the heart of New York Jets territory.  They have headquarters in nearby Florham Park, NJ.  Let the record also state this space has been none too friendly to the Jets new quarterback, Tim Tebow: The Case Against Tim Tebow.    Now, inevitably, our Worlds collide.  Tebow arrived on his private jet yesterday at nearby Morristown, NJ airport.  News vans and a minor frenzy began shortly thereafter.  Where will Tebow live?  More importantly, where will he worship?

Then there is word that his evil nemesis, Snooki from Jersey Shore fame, has been looking for properties around town too.  She shared some space in this blog too:  Snooki posts... and there are several Apparently her baby daddy grew up in East Hanover, NJ.  Another leafy NJ suburb with a distinctly Italian feel.  You wonder how sales of Italian Horns and muscle shirts stay healthy???  Look toward the Garden State people!!  

Now we will have #15 green shirts flood our neighborhoods and surely more genuflecting than a Sunday at the Vatican.  Could these two celebrities be the catalysts for a departure from NJ??  

Doubtful.  Although it does give me pause.  

But it also gives me hope.  What a wonderful World we live in when virgins and, um, not quite virgins can gain fame and live in harmony with investments bankers, soccer moms, teachers, corporate raiders, blue collar laborers, and every thing in between.  And remember, these two have achieved fame by being unable to throw a football properly and drinking far too heavily and smooshing with anyone willing to smoosh.

Fact is, if these crazy kids jack our property value upward count me as a fan.  That is the only dog I have in this fight.  The Jets can wallow in mediocrity forever as far as I am concerned (and Tebow's signing seems like a move toward that end.)  And as long as there is a NJ there will be Snooki's and her kind.  Partying for partying sake.  Throwing on make up with such fervor that new colors are created for Crayola's 64.  Orangish hues children can only dream about.  Tattered clothes and heels un-Godly high.  Pinkies out while guzzling from red Solo cups.  The very essence of NJ's shore scene.  Slightly disheveled, slightly unintelligible, but innately NJ.  

Mr Tebow you're not in Denver anymore.   Just ask your foot worshipping head coach and the quarterback that currently has the #1 job on the depth chart.  Whereas Tebow proudly displays his virginity, Mark Sanchez is busy scouting local high schools looking to deflower young lady groupies.  So says the New York Post...  and they never get it wrong.

Happy weekend folks!!  Look for a music post later in the weekend.  Gotye show at Terminal 5 Sunday!!  Lots of pics to follow.

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  1. I think that the Jersey shore folk you speak of are mostly what us Jersey people refer to as BENNY's- Bayonne Elizabeth, Newark and New York... and anyone else not from NJ that flock and flood our Jersey shore streets with orange tanned bodies and blowout hair cuts ;)