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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Harder than an Infant

There were thoughts of a concise essay on the Republican Primaries.  Then there is the topic of legalizing drugs and same sex marriage. How about Roe v Wade and the continuing fight for women's rights?

All good topics and ones that never really leave the American spotlight.  Morality and faith as it pertains to legislation.  These are not the topics solved in a tiny blog post.

In fact, those items can be handled quite well by my colleague Doc S and other authors Nationwide.

Ok you got me.  It's near impossible to get anything done with a 3 month old puppy floating around.

There were sound reasons I protested a dog all this time.  This is hard work.


1. Sleeping patterns are off more than usual.  Bad enough we fought for a solid 5/6 hours prior to the puppy.  Now, with him sharing our bed, 3 hours is deemed beyond worthy.  How did we get away with never having our daughter share our bed and now succumbing to a dog???

We are better than that.  It will have to stop.  But we do not want to crate him overnight.  Hmm.  What to do?

2.  Accidents in the house.  There have been few over the first month, but the overall opinion is 1 is to many.  Add to the mix an aging cat that cannot keep anything in and there are times I feel like a veterinarian orderly.  Did I mention the IV that I have to administer to the cat?  What the hell is going on here?  Should I go with a white coat or one of those patterned nurses shirts?  Do they make them with the MLB logos on them?  Where was I?  Sleep?

Oh yeah, you sleep when you're dead.

3.  Money.  Not a huge deal, but this little guy has 3 new sweaters in his closet.  The last time I had 3 new sweaters in my closet was when we went back to school shopping for Catholic school.  V Neck, school monogrammed poly sweaters does not a shopping spree make.  

4.  Engaging with people in public.  Now I'm the dbag that talks with people on the streets.  "Is that a whippet puppy?  How old?  What's his name?"  Ugh, I can't goof on dog people anymore!!  I have crossed over to the dark side.  Worse, I rather enjoy answering the questions.  Wait, so is this a con or pro?  TBD

5.  The love/hate relationship that has arisen with the 9 year old of the house.  At times she adores our new pet.  She smiles as they walk the neighborhood.  She laughs as the wrestle in the living room.  She peacefully sleeps next to him in her bed (not often enough!!)   Then, in an instant, he acts like a puppy. A harmless nip on her arm brings tears to her eyes.  She scolds the wild beast and storms up to her room.  She blames her parents for condoning the attack by suggesting he is only a puppy, only playing. "You love him more!  I wish we never got him!"  You know the drill.  Jan Brady syndrome.   Thankfully we are all too tired to take it personally.  At least that is what I am telling myself.


1.  The unconditional love thing.  The daughter might get angry and throw a slap his way.  Makes no difference.  He will be looking for her affection soon thereafter.  If all the care givers are away four hours at a time he finds himself crated.  You can count on euphoria when we enter back in and releash the hound.  If everyone acted that way when I enter a room maybe my confidence wouldn't be so low.  Maybe we should all start that to boost our energies.  Next time your spouse walks in the door jump around and shower him or her with yelps, cheers and kisses.  How long before he/she has you committed or suspects you have been up to no good.

2.  Fitness takes an upturn with a puppy in tow.  It speaks to con # 2.  In order to avoid accidents I find myself walking the puppy at every possible moment.  And since he is trained to run there have even been some sprints worked into the mix.  Coincidence last night at basketball my back felt better than it has in months?  Don't think so.

Hmm, thought of other cons before pros...  harder to work.  The trouble with working from home!!  I am actually missing NJ Transit and the cruel streets of Manhattan.

Ok, enough.  The 2 pros outweigh all the cons.  It's just a whole bunch of work.  And that is no mystery!!  Tread lightly folks when looking into adopting a new pet.

Having now raised an infant and puppy my feeling is infants are easier.  After all they can't walk for about a year.  

Send in your thoughts, feelings, observations on how you raise(d) your pet.  This brother is looking for all the help her can get.

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