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Friday, August 26, 2011

So this is Vacation?

I don't even know where to begin.  We will make an attempt to head south tonight with all indications there is NO WAY we can check into our North Carolina vacation home tomorrow.  My wife in particular did not want to go away this coming week but the house we wanted was not available last week.  I take full responsibility for this and apologize.  Let the record state we will never vacation the week prior to Labor Day.  If we do, it is only because we had several other vacations planned during the year.

It does not help that we have no less than 6 jobs installing next week so the Ipad, laptop, smartphone, etc... will never be too far away.  Truth be told it might be the best thing in the world if all the electronics wash away in the storm and we come back to an empty lot.  Granted, we would feel bad for our cat, but she has had a good run.  Actually, she would probably make it through unscathed and continue to keep us awake at night with her deafening yells.  I would imagine those screams would be much harder to take in a tiny two bedroom apartment (our next option.)

In any event the car leaves around 6pm tonight for points west.  Perhaps we stop just inside the Virginia border.  We had always planned to break the trip up so have yet to deviate from the plan.  Tomorrow holds the greatest questions.  Do we head to our friends place in Charlotte?

Christ where the hell did I leave off???  Started this post about 3 hours ago and now we are T minus a few hours away from going, to who knows where??

All I want is a week away.  All we need is to get the hell out of New Jersey.  I am tired of the NYC skyline.  Tired of the Pulaski.  Tired of the 6 train.  Tired of mistakes made by vendors and apology emails.  How exactly did it spiral so out of control?

Now a freakin hurricane wants to take a post Indian food dump all over what promises to be a good week.

OK, that was rough.  But man, can there be any justice here?  Anybody have cheap Northern Virginia/Northern NC day trips should we not be permitted into our home tomorrow?  How about if the house disappears into the Atlantic altogether?  Thoughts?

The open road awaits.  78 W.  81 S.  77S.  95S.  All very much unknown quantities.  Good to see the panic is in full swing here in NJ too.  Grocery stores were out of water.  Liquor stores were jammed like New Year's Eve.  Can a brotha catch a break one time?  Is this really all my doing?

And will the little one give us a break during the endless time spent in the car?

I am going to try and remain positive.  Even though it hardly sounds it.  WE have our health.  We are fortunate enough to be able to take the time.  Whatever happens out on the open road and, we hope, our destination, will make for fun, excitement and a break from the routine.

We must trust that shelving can be installed without us babysitting.  Freight will arrive on time and without damage.  Quotes can wait a few days before being sent.  Life, as we know it, will all be there when we make it back North.

And, when we return, we blow it all the hell up.  Because this is really not a healthy way to live.  We need to get out of this house.  We need to work better and more efficiently.  And if we are going to be busting our ass this hard and really be this "needed" (my wife far more than me I readily admit) then we should be compensated accordingly.

Too much to ask for I am sure.  But as the Avett Brothers say so beautifully...  "Decide what to be and go be it."  I have them in mind as they are from North Carolina.  Of course they are in Europe during Hurricane season.  Smart.  Bring it on week of 8.27.  No need to fear anything anymore.

Nothing can stop us.  Except of course everything.

Stay safe East Coast!   I have the Ipad, Imac and smartphone.  Gas tank is full and hotels have been located.  Tune in all week to see if I make it out alive.  Find out how much a man can push his wife and child before they turn and retreat for a better life.

The soundtrack will go something like this:

Aforementioned Avett Brothers tune...  Amazing song and amazing video.  Inspiring and beautiful.

Deerhunter "Nothing Ever Happened"  Sad I missed them this time through NYC.  Will not let it happen again.

Ryan Adams "Lucky Now"  New happy music from Mr Adams.  Can he be as successful without the anger.  I have no doubts.  Keep doing what you are doing Mandy Moore.  It seems to agree with Ryan.  Arguably the best songwriter working today.

Wilco "I Might"  Ok, Jeff Tweedy writes great stuff too.  "Its alright, you won't set the kids on fire, but I might."  Indeed Jeff, you just never know do you???

Cut Copy "Need You Now"

Foster the People "Houdini"

Songs of Summer so far...  will it be enough to get me/us through.  How much Katy Perry/Pitbull/JLo will I have to listen to?  Godspeed.

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  1. Good luck with the trip. Be safe :)