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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Music and video for you to like (or not)

On a bit of a tear here...  wrote two pieces for another outlet (again, unpaid) and still feeling motivated.  Had some thoughts on a music piece as summer and songs are vital to my survival.

I wanted to do a "things I can't get enough of" piece and ask for responses.  I know, I won't get any.  But anyway, here it goes, in no particular order, the best of everything.  Stuff I can watch/hear/get absorbed into at any given moment.  Please feel free to add your own.

First, ta word from our sponsers.  Take a look at this WPIX break from the mid 80s featuring the great anti-pills ad "This is serious, we can make you delirious."   Go to about a minute and a half in...  classic:

And while we are on WPIX please take a look at some Magic Garden with my two favorite milf hippies...  Carole and Paula were so hot.  And a little something from the chuckle patch...

Boy, I can get sucked into a PIX tangent...  maybe Wonderama next?

Back to the music...   Cannot avoid, and am really not trying to Dawes song of summer "Time Spent in Los Angeles."  Here they perform it, real well, from Letterman in June.  Wilco, meaning Jeff Tweedy, are quite simply amazing.  There new album is weeks away and the new single, "I Might" gives you a pretty good idea what to expect.  You guessed it, goodness.  Foster the People's "Warrant."  The third time I posted it and folks, it ain't cause Jani Lane died and my mind is focusing on Warrant.  They opened with this last week and I was so hooked by Mark Foster's ebullience I became a believer.  Commence name calling, I can take it.

OK, that's enough, I have feelings.

Feel real bad for Portugal, the Man.  Heard there van was stolen at Lollapalooza last weekend.  They found the van days later, but all their equipment was gone.  Like their music, but some concert tix or merch, and get em on the long road home:

"Do You?"
"People Say"  This is a special song.

Ok, let me go put my daughter to bed...

(5 minutes elapse)

Well that was easy.  And stop judging!  I took her to NYC today (she had some fun) and she was reading while I wrote.

Others on your radar should and WILL include:

Cage the Elephant.  Country kids who can rock out.  Itching to see them live.  I give you "Around My Head" because aforementioned daughter finds it appalling and amusing at once.  

Squeaky clean Euro's Two Door Cinema Club have had come on like wildfire.  No wonder.  Take a look at these pop gems.  "Something Good Can Work."  Tremendous bass line and quality vocals.  This is a good band.  "What You Know" offers much of the same...  and that is a good thing:

A few other notables that can't seem to escape my frontal lobe:

Grouplove: "Colours"
Naked and the Famous: "Young Blood"
"Punching in a Dream"
Young the Giant: "My Body"

Seems like plenty.  And I know I could do this through the night.  Can anyone introduce me to more?  That is the beauty of all this.  What is obscure for me is mainstream for many.  Let the sharing begin.  If you want to send me your email I can send out Spotify invites and get it moving.

The revolution will be heard.  And Mark Oliver Everett will be our savior.  Too much?

Ok, but you gotta admit Eels rock.  I leave you with them since there show in Williamsburg last month is a stand out!!

"Fresh Blood"
"Not Ready Yet"
"Hey Man, Now You're Really Living"
"Losing Streak"

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