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Friday, August 5, 2011

"F" this

I am still trying to navigate a day that began with a 2(!) hour dentist appointment.  Ugh and then ugh some more.  I understand thorough and as it was my first visit I do like that extra attention was given.  But I have good teeth!!  Half hour and out, right?  I did not even get x-rays.  I think they are a waste unless you are having dental pain.  During my formative years and dental development I was never given an x-ray.  After my dentist finished his cigarette he would give my mouth the once over, use his training to ascertain if more help was needed, and send me on my way.

Today I get questionnaires, tutorials, and lectures.  I am a big boy.  Clean my teeth and talk to me during the examination.  I am as captive an audience as you can get.  And enough of the "your gums are bleeding" routine.  This exchange is best summed up with this classic bit from Dr Katz Professional Therapist.  I can add no more:  As I was surfing I did get side tracked by this clip from Dave Chappelle too.  Man is he funny.  Why did he have to flake out??  You mean Jim Carrey continues to make movies and Chapelle has to be the one starting Charter schools in Africa.  Bad that these things trouble me more than our economy's failings?

I could go on but I must appease my reader and his/her weekly dosage of music.  And although I am still flying from the Eels show last week I will stop myself from recommending more of his stuff.  You either have drank that Kool-Aid or not.  I am hopeful you have.


White Denim is a terrific Texas band with a few albums under their belt.  You can just tell by their raw sound they MUST be terrific live.  I have vindication from a mutual music blogger that they indeed are.  "Street Joy" ( has such rich and complex chords mixed wonderfully together.  "Keys" ( comes off like M Ward overing the Jayhawks.  Good stuff indeed.  They are currently touring overseas but I will indeed keep you posted when they arrive stateside again.  Maybe a March trip to Austin for SXSM??

I wrote a few months ago about California band Young the Giant.  I have to take a closer look.  Their follow up to the rocking good fun "My Body" ( is another tune I cannot get enough of.  Take a look/listen to "Cough Syrup" (  Guitar, Drums and a big voice.  Simple and effective.

Also check out Ray LaMontagne's "New York City is Killing Me."  Cause it is.

The Letter F:

I would be a fool to not start with Fleetwood Mac.  They are simply the finest dysfunctional, California meets England, romantically challenged and creatively brilliant band EVER!!  We all understand how wonderful and successful their album Rumours was.  But with all the fanfare and commercial play that album received I often times head for their follow up album, Tusk.  Put the candles on in the dining room, open an adult beverage and give this one your full attention.  In my opinion it is more polished then its previous record.  The fog has been lifted after all the tumult of broken relationships and in band squabbles.  But it ain't all optismistic.  Some choice tracks:

"Walk a Thin Line"

"That's All for Everyone"

"Sister of The Moon"  This is a terrific live version before the record ever came out.  Stevie Nicks is an absolute gem.  And Lindsay Buckingham is far and away the most under-rated guitarist of the past 30 years.  And my boy does not use a pick!!  I was fortunate to have seen them once and it stands out as one of the best shows I have ever seen.

Staying on the left coast, but a bit much more contemporary and in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, I give you Fleet Foxes.  Pastoral, bearded hippies on a mission I tell ya.  There breakthrough performance on Saturday Night Live made me a believer.  See if you agree:


"Blue Ridge Mountains"

"Grown Oceans" from their latest LP Helplessness Blues

A few notes on Foster the People...  the California band who have exploded the past few months.  Riding high from their hit "Pumped Up Kicks" I see no end in sight to their rising fame.  I am cautiously optimistic prepping for their Brooklyn show in a few days.  I have folks telling me they were genius live and others telling me I will be disappointed.  This I am sure of, their debut album is quite good.

Some notable tracks other than "Pumped Up Kicks" include:


"Helena Beat"

Quick Hits you should have on your MP3

Frank Ferdinand "No You Girls"  These guys are real, real good.

Flaming Lips "Do you Realize?"

Flying Burrito Brothers "Christine's Tune"  Gram Parsons was very much the Godfather of alt country.  Know him and understand please.  Much love to Bookstore Bob for showing me the way!!!

Off to get ready for the weekend.  Enjoy it everyone and thanks again for the support.

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