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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On Earthquakes and Hurricanes

It has been a while.  We have sent the daughter away to Camp Grandparents so we can (JOY!!!) work our asses off before vacation this Saturday.  I know I shouldn't bitch but I am staring at (2) straight 12 hours NYC days.  I realize this is far from the worst thing in the World and I do intend on enjoying the City (like I did yesterday) prior to leaving tonight.  In fact, my hope is to enjoy it sooo much we miss our Tuesday therapy session.

I had tix available to Deer Hunter at Webster Hall.  Maybe I can do that?  Or a movie?  Dinner?

Wait, it might very well be End of Days.  Do I effort to get out of here and see my little girl?  After all, folks in my office, including my wife, felt an earthquake that had an epicenter hundreds of miles south of me.  She called me as I was walking downtown in a frantic state.  "I think we are having an earthquake.  The building is moving."

How do I respond to that?  I was walking the streets 20 blocks south and things couldn't have been nicer.  I was watching 2 cabbies fight over a fender bender oblivious to this development.

That is the fear of working here.  We are both 75 miles away from our girl and who knows what could happen here.  Maybe a natural gas explosion or terrorist attack takes us down?  Now I guess earthquakes are in the mix.  Nevermind the constant threat of terrorism.  Does it make me feel better that Libya has fallen? How about the 10th anniversary of 9/11?  Nope.  These are all daily reminders that working and playing in NYC are increasingly dangerous choices.  I just keep telling myself I could bite it anywhere.

Headed to North Carolina this weekend and I keep reading about Hurricane Irene.  Not gonna let her stop us.  Truth is I could get hit by a car in my tranquil little suburb later on tonight.  Or maybe have a heart attack next time I lace up my sneakers on the basketball court.  That would actually be the most exciting my game would look in about 20 years.

I do fear the days when my wife and I are both in the City.  What would happen to our girl should we both perish?  Is it fare to both work in the City?  Selfish?  The whole point of this decision is to provide her with all the opportunities we never had.  For now all we can do is hope for the best and trust in the fates.  It is tough when she emails you from afar telling you she is scared and worried cause she just watched the news.  Vacation has to be better than this.

In Other News:

The Earthquake took DSK off the front page.  And that angers me.  And don't get me wrong, this guy is a scum bag and I really don't have much credibility to defend him.  But if he went through all of this and NO charges are filed how will he ever be vindicated??  What about his position at the IMF?  His chances of running France are now gone?  He is out thousands, if not millions, in lawyer fees and costly apartment rentals.  And for what???  Will his accuser be convicted of anything?  What, if anything, will she lose?  It is an absolute injustice that this ever made the news in the first place.  Even worse, I am stuck defending a Frenchman.

I cannot on the other hand defend the hikers who were detained in Iran for unknowingly crossing over their border years ago.  They received an 8 year sentence last weekend and I for one do NOT care.  Hikes and the outdoors are terrific and I myself happen to enjoy them once in a while.  This much I know for certain:  there are about a bajillion places on this Earth (and this Country for God's sake!!!) that are beautiful, worthy and safe to take a hike in.  The Iraq/Iran border is not and never will be one of them.

How about some unprotected sex in Amsterdam's Red Light District?
Maybe you prefer a swim in the Seychelles wearing a chum covered bathing suit?
Perhaps investing in Lehman Brothers is more your speed?

All of those things are better choices than the 3 folks who decided they should go extreme hiking.  And if they are indeed spies shame on them for getting caught.  As a Country we can do better so let them do their time and think twice about their actions.  Ok, it will be more than twice cause who knows the horrors of an Iranian prison.  Know what?  I will never know because I will never be anywhere near there.

Got plenty more to say but I am sure locusts and/or frogs might be falling from the sky at any moment.  Wonder how they will get along with the mouse that lives in our office?  We have joked he moves the fastest out of all the workers here.

What a freaking life this is.  It is decided, we need to have some fun tonight.

Hope you do the same.


So funny listening to Mayor Bloomberg recite his press release in Spanish.  It reminds me of Michelle Bachmann trying to speak English.

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