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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Curse of Comfort

Seems I speak out of both sides of my mouth, and often.  On one hand I have trouble with the vast majority of film and television.  Yet, at the same time I waste countless hours watching the same things over and over again.

Could I have found something else yesterday rather than watching Fantastic Mr Fox for the 10th (conservative estimate) time?  How about Friday when I got sucked into A Mighty Wind again?  I think I might have watch about a half hour on Saturday too.  Saw Good Will Hunting in pretty much its entirety the a few weeks back.  "You like apples?  Well I got her number so how you like dem apples?"

Sad really.  No one needs to say that movie more than once.  And here I am sucked into a mindless vortex I fear I may never recover from.

Seinfeld will do the same thing to me.  Puffy shirts and smelly limos...  Masturbation contests, recycling adventures and shrinking Yankees uniforms.  Who knows how many times I have seen them?  Short answer: too many.

Not like I was much better when I was younger.  Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family episodes were known verbatim.  This has to speak to an advanced idiot.  Someone able to totally escape for minutes, sometimes hours, on things experienced over and over.

Do I not want to challenge my visual mind as much as I say I do?  Why then is it different for music.  I would not dare listen to the Stones Exile on Main Street tonight.  I have heard it and respect it, but have simply moved on.  There is the rock cannon I feel very comfortable with.  You need to know Abbey Road.  You should have a good idea what Zeppelin 3 is all about.  The Who, Clapton, Dylan, Bruce, The Band, et al should be in pocket and familiar.

If Godfather or Godfather 2 show up on tv tonight I am hooked.  Same time frame as the above rockers, but I cannot look away.

80s brought us U2, Midnight Oil, Madonna, Tears for Fears, more Bruce, Hair Rock, Eric B and Rakim, Whodini, et al...  And I love it all.  But I cannot listen to entire albums from those folks.

Ferris comes on later, or Some Kind of Wonderful, Caddyshack, Stripes, Kramer v Kramer, Mad Max, Blade Runner, I could go on forever...  I will be watching.

Why the disparity?

Why is it all I wanna do is see live music from new bands?  And why am I done with large venues?  Shouldn't someone in my advanced age want upholstered seats high above the stage (and headphones?)

I had some damning thoughts at Cut Copy last week.  Never mind the kid next to me who did not know who Weezer was.  No, my thought was maybe I have turned into the pony tail wearing d-bag I always goofed on.  But if I cut my hair now does that man the whipper snappers won?  How am I the bigger d-bag?

Such troubling questions.  Thankfully I will have some dreadful repeats of something I have seen over and over to fall back onto tonight.  Maybe I just embrace my inner (read: outer) idiot.

In the meantime I do like some good music.  Take a look:     Foster the People "Houdini"  Foster the People "Warrant"  Naked and The Famous "Punching in a Dream"  Naked and the Famous "Young Blood"

This seems appropriate to...  The Thrills "The Curse of Comfort"   Please excuse the OC clip.  It was the only video of this song I could find.  What happened to these guys???  And what happened to Mischa Barton???  Truth is the first season of this show was very good, except for Peter Gallagher's eye brows.  Am I really to believe Andie McDowell and Laura San Giacomo both would have slept with him in 1988.  The more I think about it "Sex, Lies and Videotape" might be the most overrated film made.  And really, what has Steven Soberbergh really done since then?  He does have some badass glasses that I wish I could find.

Finally take a look at Clem Snide...  cause he is cool and this song was the opening theme for the classic NBC dramedy "Ed."

That is all.

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For the record the little one is discovering "Wayne's World."  Odds I get sucked in?

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