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Monday, August 15, 2011

Have you been Spotified???

I broke down and purchased the monthly plan.  Should you want an invite I could provide one.  It is a remarkable service and I strongly recommend it.  You are able to create and share playlists.  You can download and listen to just about anything ever recorded.

Crazy, sick, innovative and hopelessly addicting.

Rainy day in the Northeast so this is the perfect day to get on board.  I hate to be their shill since they are doing fine by themselves, but this might be the best way I can share all the music I write about to my reader(s.)  Conversely you could share playlists with me.

As I have no concerts scheduled for (gasp) 3 weeks, I need a new fix.



1 comment:

  1. How about Dr. Dog in Williamsburg Waterfront. August 31st? Have you heard "Heart It Races"? Great song! -KellyR