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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Best Laid Plans

A few months back we were rained on for 2 hours or so watching The Decemberists perform in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.   Although they rocked and the overall experience was pleasant, I felt a do over was required.

Enter this evening's event, Foster the People and Cut/Copy.  The weather is great and since it is an early start 6:30pm, it would appear mission accomplished.

Until my wife takes on an impossible illness and may be laid up.  As she heads to the doctor I have several options.

Head to the show with my sister and friend and trust she will recover with much needed rest.  The guilt will be enormous.  Dare I post a picture on Facebook showing the scene exclaiming "Perfect night for a show."  Perhaps I could have a beer in the frame rubbing salt to the wound?  There is no possible way I could enjoy myself under this scenario.  Maybe with significant inebriation I might.  But since I am driving I really can't do that, can I?  Hmm, now more moral dilemmas.  Ok, right, I can't do that.

Bad enough I feel guilty not taking my 9 year old.  I accidentally mentioned she was off to Mema's so mom and dad can see a show.

"Who are you seeing?" she asked.

"Umm, Foster the People and Cut/Copy" I hesistantly responded.

"What?!! I am the only who turned you onto that band."  And yes, she used the phrase "turned me onto them."

"Yeah, I know.  Sorry it is not all ages."  I told her, not sure if that is true or not.  Should she be going with us?  Now all of the sudden I am looking for shows she can go with, preferably before summer's end.  Could I possibly sit through a Big Time Rush show?  Talk about needing to be inebriated!!

The other option is going all "Weekend at Bernie's" on her.  She has been trapped in bed for days, coughing with fever.  It's probably a virus or infection that has not affected anyone else.  Fresh air might do her good, no?  Bring a blanket and picnic snacks, lie down in the wonderful park, and take it all in.  Not like I am gonna be in the pit dancing around with a glow stick.  This is chill music.  Grab a spot next to my older, granola eating friends and relax for a few hours.  She will have the finest driver on the East Coast taking her to the front entrance.  A few hundred yards away lies an outdoor therapy center.  Feasible, right?  I might even throw a Hawaiian shirt and cheesy mustache on her.  Hell, I bet I could probably get Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman to meet us there.

Time will tell.  She feverishly texts me work questions as she catches up from the doctor's reception area.    I know the room, awful magazines!!  Is it that hard to have 4 quality subscriptions in an office?  9 out of 10 offices I enter are worthless in terms of literature.  8 out of 10 are worthless when it comes to their fild of expertise.

Bad I haven't named the 3rd option?  Elephant in the room?  Not going at all.

Hmm, I guess that's an option.  But I could barely find my 4th once a friend bailed on us.  No way I find 3 folks in 3 hours.  And truth be told I would HATE eating $150 bucks.

The clock is ticking.  Thank God our fearless President decided to visit Lower Manhattan tonight!  It makes things so much easier to navigate from Jersey to Brooklyn.  I have said it often but it bears repeating:  President's should never come to NYC!!!  Especially when I am there!!!

No clue where the night will take me but pretty certain I will be entertained.  Will it include any of this:


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