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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Case Against Tim Tebow

By now many of you have heard the Denver Broncos shocked the football world yesterday with their dramatic overtime victory against the NFL royalty they call the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This should be the feel good story of the year for sure.  But it isn't.  And the sole reason Denver will NOT capture all the Sport Nation's attention this week is the same reason half the country has grown to despise them.

He wears # 15.  He sometimes wears eye black with biblical passages underneath.  He thanks the Lord on bended knee after every touchdown and fourth quarter comeback.  He claims he is a virgin.  He wants to wait for marriage.  He doesn't cuss.  He doesn't drink.  He does no wrong.

Except of course Tim Tebow does plenty wrong.  And preaching to the masses that he is holier than thou and aw shucks happy to be there demeanor, as evidenced by all those who hate him, does not win over everyone.

Plenty of us just don't want to hear it.  Jesus was not calling the defense yesterday when he threw his winning score.  His attention was not focused more on your arm than, say, opposing quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's badly sprained ankle.  In fact you could make the argument Jesus might have been more concerned with the injured player than Tebow.

This, of course, is assuming you believe Jesus exists in the first place.  Safe to say, judging by the countless Temples and Mosques I see week to week (not to mention those from foreign lands who think believing in him might warrant a bomb or two)  many folks are not buying in.

Tebow should be someone you can root for.  He has won at every level.  He does charitable works.  His clean cut image is actually very refreshing.

Tom Brady will not be playing forever so he should naturally fit into that slot.  If he just kept his darn mouth shut!!

If a reporter asks "Isn't there a time when you want to tell your detractors I told you so?"  Answer "Yes, sir.  But that is not my make up."  He chooses to say I am "thankful for God... and thankful for the platform....  and God and Jesus and God and Jesus...  and oh, my teammates, and a girl who had 73 surgeries, and God."  Ok, slight paraphrasing...  but you decide:

If he says nothing and lives his life the "right way" you would be hard pressed to root against him.  When he, like any other athlete or entertainer, crowbars his or her religion down your throats he or she runs the risk of alienating many.  And for what?

He is pious and clean living.  Good for him.  Does that make him better than all the other competitors on the field yesterday?  Ok, bad example.  Big Ben has had too many dust ups to get a pass.  But you get the point.

Liken it to a philanthropist giving away millions in an effort to have his/her name on a building if you will.  That action does not make them better than all those who give lesser amounts.  Not to mention all those who give to charities anonymously.  Do your work.  Live your life.  And please, for the love of God, keep your faith to yourself.

Take note Awards season...  Grammys, Emmys, Oscars...  God ain't caring about you all either.

Otherwise Dr. Quinn and Touched By an Angel would have been picked up forever...

Worst thing about this whole mess is many folks are now on the Patriots bandwagon!!??

Can you really root for Belichick and his gray hoodie???  Brady and his charmed life???  Anything to do with Boston????

Good grief.  How many days until pitchers and catchers report???

Hey there...

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  1. Love this! Thank you to Hank via Doc for sharing. I feel so strongly about all these "celebrities" pushing religion down our throats... and I am "catholic". My favorite part is about rooting for the Pats- yes- I despise Belichick and how he doesn't play by the rules, but who is the worse of the two evils??????