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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Teaching an Old Dog

It took nearly 40 years before I shared a home with a dog.  Over the past week there were many times I was reminded why I had avoided it for so long.  

We have an aged cat who is barely hanging on.  In other words, picking up accidents throughout the house is nothing new.    She tends to wake us up with shrill cries at all hours.   So we were firmly entrenched in sleep deprivation to begin with.  

There are some new things that make this transition more challenging.  First, there is a distinct dog smell.  Whippets, like ours, are a short haired and rather clean breed.  That does not mean they come without an aroma.  And no one can really prepare you for puppy flatulence.  Think methane factory meets Indian restaurant on a scorching summer day.  Then place that smell in a car.  Maybe even under the sheets.  Really?  Dutch oven from a dog??  

Then there is the subtle dynamic between 4th grade daughter and puppy.  Nevermind the cat...  she will either kill her new housemate or succumb to a poor ticker.  Having seen her in action over the past 17 years my money is on her.

The love/hate relationship between only child and new pet is one I expected to go swimmingly.  There are the wonderful moments when they play with a toy and laugh uncontrollably.  But in an instant the puppy gets a little too excited.  He takes to biting her hair, jumping and/or scratching her.  A puppy being a puppy would be my guess.  To a 9 year old it is a vicious assault from a hideous, selfish, and deranged he-beast.  Probably doesn't help matters when mom and dad side with the puppy (and laugh a little.)

Spaces have been invaded.  Trusts have been compromised.  Attentions have been shared.  Tragic.

They will all get over it.  There is plenty of affection to go around.

Because after only seven days it is clear this new addition is just perfect.

And maybe that is why I protested so long.

No doubt, it is hard work. Big deal.  What isn't these days?  

The beauty of your pets is they don't care if your quota wasn't met.  They are not concerned how bad your day was.  You will continue to be greeted with an animal who loves you unconditionally.  They will crawl into your lap and not judge.  They will look at you with adoring eyes.  

The protest was born of NOT wanting to care for something.  NOT wanting to feel for something.   NOT wanting to grow attached to something, to love something.

What kind of thinking is that?  Or living for that matter?

So the quest for ultimate sleeping patters continues.  Potty training will become a bigger priority as the weeks roll on.  And more and more our new pet will become part of the family.  We will want to do anything for him.  We will see he has all the best we can provide.  

And we will all benefit from him showing up in our lives.


As you can see the writing time has been hampered a bit with Mr. Attention Seeker (above.)

That has not prevented me from keeping my ears and eyes open.  Please take 15 minutes and sneak a peek at what is worth hearing these days (not playing over the airwaves of mainstream media.)  

It will be a nice distraction from Rick Santorum WINNING(!) primaries and the irrelevance of JFK's intern sex toys.  50 years later this story comes out!!  Ridiculous.

Lots of concerts for the Guide over the next few months.  Here are some notables:

Sleigh Bells.  2.17 @ Terminal 5  

Young the Giant and Grouplove 3.9 @ Terminal 5.

Gomez: 3.11 at Bowery Ballroom

Gotye: 3.25 at Terminal 5

Naked and Famous: 4.4 at Terminal 5

White Rabbits:  4.12 at Webster Hall

Snow Patrol:  4.14 at Terminal 5

Man that is a bunch of shows...  anyone want to dog sit???

BTW, most shows are sold out but tickets can be sourced here:  Stubhub

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