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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hollywood's Biggest Night Preshow

Want a good reason why the broadcast starts at 8:30, rather than 8. We all know it will go 3+ hours. The folks in
LA can afford to start early for us East Coast folk.

Love that Sasha Baron Cohen dumped ashes on Ryan Seacrest.

Can another accounting firm handle the envelopes??? What did Price Waterhouse do to get this gig? Why is Kelly Osborne's hair pinkish grey?

Explain America's love affair with Brad Pitt? Sandra Bullock? Angelina Jolie?

Cameron Diaz is the queen of butter face.

Does GCB look like the dumbest show ever??? Have you no shame Kriaten Chenowith? Wait, just saw a commercial for
Ashley Judd's Missing...

Weird seeing a grey bearded Tom Hanks. Bosom Buddies was last year, no?

Enjoy the show folks.

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