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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Note to the Suburban Parent

Resolutions can be a great way to start the new year.  Many of us use January as the jumping off point for losing weight or quitting smoking.

Those are both tangible and attainable goals.  Good luck with that!!!

It is the harder to quantify goals that are the real struggle.  For instance,  this blogger would love to write 3 to 4 times a week, gather a strong following, and put this blog in the same category as say, The Huffington Post.  Oh, and be a better husband and father too.

Who knows if and when this pie and the sky dream will happen...  but if you are not gonna dream big why dream at all???

Which brings me to the early 2012 gripe of the year.  And no it isn't the price increase at Starbucks or the New Jersey Turnpike...  although they are a close second.

Yesterday while eating at a local Mexican spot my daughter and I were witness to an unruly toddler yelling and causing a scene.  At one point she let out a deafening throat clear while staring at us.  This behavior can confidently be described as a call for attention and blatant F you to any polite social etiquette.

Where was her mom you ask?  Sitting right beside her and engaging in a quiet conversation with the toddler's grandfather.  Occassionally she would meekly ask her daughter to watch her volume.  "One more time we are going to have to go."

Mothers (and fathers too...  just don't see it as often), when you say "one more time" can you resolve to eject you and your kid from the very public space and put some discipline in your kid.

Because although the girl was the one making me (and more specifically my 9 year old daughter) uncomfortable she is NOT responsible.

The child that gets away with attention grabbing theatrics from the beginning will more than likely expect special treatment forever.  And since there is nothing in the US socio-politically that suggests we will be anything other than a nation of customer service representatives shouldn't we at least raise polite CSR's?

This is not to promote and/or encourage child abuse or spanking.  Simply understand the context you are in and accept that whilst out of your home you have entered into a social contract.  Whether at the coffee shop or deli, bank or youth sporting event,  please understand NO ONE wants to hear your cell phone conversation.  We would prefer your child does not jump in front of us in line and make unwanted physical contact.   And when dining in a restaurant we most certainly do not want to hear shrill screams from a kid old enough to know better.

In other words, we have our own children and spouses.  We have neither the time, or inclination to tell you and your child how to behave.  You should come to accept how hard it is to discipline oneself.  How dare you ask us to discipline you, too???

We just want to eat our tacos in peace.

That's probably a bit too angry and crotchety...  but the author is suffering through a ridiculous winter illness that finds him cross.

He asked that we brighten the mood with some tunes for early 2012...

Still touting HBO's 24/7 as one of the finest shows on television.  Their past series on the NHL's Winter Classic, which concludes tomorrow, was bloody good entertainment.  Their music director has a wonderful ear too.  In past episodes Fitz and the Tantrums, Flo-Rida, and this band, Expatriate(, were featured in dazzling montage scenes.  Great Austrailan rock very much cut from U2's cloth.
"Are you Awake?

Gotye: "Somebody That I Used to Know"
Belgian-Australian pop goofiness that has found its way to my internal brain drive.  Sure it concerns me that I gravitate toward falsetto male voices.  But admitting the problem is the first step.

That said, the band Friendly Fires (English band/2 albums)is one I enjoy too.  Liked their single "Hawaiian Air" from last year and their latest, "Hurting" has that certain something.

"Hawaiian Air"  The progression of this song is very interesting.  3 or 4 different hooks during its entirety.  The video is pretty cool too.
"Touch Keeps on Hurting"  Not sure if I ever posted something so queer...  maybe I have fever?

Lana Del Rey is a polarizing figure in the alt world right now.  Critics are quick to hate her and point to her 1st album by another personality altogether, Lizzie Grant.  Then the brash, sex craved Del Rey appears at is the musical guest on SNL next week in the blink of an eye.  SiriusXM DJ Kristine Stone has taken aim on her wardrobe as often as her singing chops.  What say you???  Wouldn't be the first time a sexy lady with some ability knocked our socks off would it???  She is from NY too...  might be good to see an alt girl from these shores.  Florence Welch needs a rival.

"Video Games"  here from some crazy German tv appearence a month or so ago.  Hard to argue her voice isn't it??
"Born to Die"  Happen to think this is a very good song.

Finally, the first scheduled live event is 10 days from now.

NJ's own Real Estate will open for San Francisco band Girls at Terminal 5.

They had big albums in 2011 and seem poised to make a bigger dent in the alt world moving forward.  No wonder Real Estate resonates with me since they share similar sensibilities with Caveman.  Not too sure where Girls fit in...  but expect to know more 1.15.  Cannot wait.

Real Estate  "It's Real"
"Green Aisles"  Live and very strong.  Nice crowd recording.
Entire KEXP live performance...     This would be a great 20 minute background as you surf the web.  Open a new tab and let it play.  Really good to see a singer with glasses too.  Gives us nerds hope!!! 
Help these kids get a real website!!!

Girls "Honey Bunny"  Correction...  this may be more queer than Friendly Fires.
"Vomit"  On many best of lists from last year.  Not feeling it as much as others.  Perhaps live?  Help these kids get a real website!!!

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