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Friday, January 27, 2012

And Now for Something Completely Similar

The everyday grind has left me beaten and bruised this week.  An admittedly juvenile and haphazard Oscar post is all this page has to show for itself this week.


Work.  Parenting.  Sleep.  Admit it, sometimes the days blend in to one another.  "When did you say she had a test?  What train are you going to catch?  Where is the game tonight?  Did you do whites?  Is it plastic or paper Monday?  What's for dinner?  lunch?  What's our balance?  How much do we owe?  The power steering is out too?  Can you email me that?  What's your cell phone number?  Text me the address.  Did you see Modern Family?  Is it on DVR?  It's Friday?  Thank God.

Today a moment to escape, if only for a moment.  We could all go over the details of last night's 4th grade girls game.   But isn't it assumed that there were black eyes and parental fighting?  

There have now been 19 Republican debates including last nights.  Don't expect to see a rundown of those proceedings in this space.  If, after 19 events, this is all you have to show us, why bother tuning in?  

Let's zone out shall we?  Give yourself some time this weekend and take a peek at some fantastic (relatively new) music.  It is an exciting time in the music industry, although record sales would tell you otherwise.  Listen for yourself and get on board.


Start with Gotye and the infectious hit "Somebody That I Used to Know."  Gotye "Somebody That I Used to Know"   A truly wonderful song and SUCH a great video.  Belgian pop and synth with such sweet melodies and voices.   22 year old New Zealander Kimbra brings an added depth for sure.   Then be sure to view this cover by Walk Off the Earth.  Strong stuff indeed with nearly 40 million hits to date.  Gotye Cover  This has the potential to be pretentious.  But it is done so well you can't ignore the talent.  For the record Walk off The Earth are a Canadian indie band.  Gotye is touring now and the tickets are scarce.  For more info check here:

Australian trio Civil Twilight ( are an aggressive, Police/U2 inspired rock band.  No frills.  They have a new single, "Fire Escape" from their upcoming LP.  It plays like the bands mission statement.  Go get some!!  This track is so fresh they lack an official video:  Fire Escape

Class Actress is actually Philly born Elizabeth Harper and a couple slick producers.  Her song, "Weekend", seems perfect for today(cause, ya know, it's Friday.)  Big, bold synth and a voice that marries well to them.  Good.  Clean.  Fun.  Get out your glow sticks.  Weekend

Another Philly outfit, War on Drugs, are fast becoming an indie darling.   Can you find a reason to argue?  Me either.  Take a look at these two roots rock/emo/alt country/folk tracks from last years wonderful record Slave Ambient.  Brothers and Baby Missiles.

Before every station in America forces you to hate this song, and James Mercer, and happiness, please take a listen to "Simple Song" from the Shins.  Mercer's time with Danger Mouse and Broken Bells is temporarily on hold.  Naturally he headed back to Portlandlandia during his hiatus to record with his old mates.  Ok, all the mates are different and for the most part Mercer steers the ship.  What a ship it is.   Alt pop at its best.  And your 9 year old will love it.  Promise.  James Mercer is good at songs

Hey, sometimes songs take a while to find, hear, fall in love with.  That said, listen to this country like diddy from Gillian Welch.  The Way That it Goes from Conan last summer.

And then keep on trucking with some more alt country in no particular order:

The Head and the Heart:  Down in The Valley

Avett Brothers:  Kick Drum Hart  Banjo playing picks ass.

Of Monsters and Men:  Little Talks  Finally Bjork has some Icelandic competition.  And whereas the Banjo has been known to rock, so too does the accordion.  

10 seems like a nice round number.  You don't have more time than that do you??  If so good for you!  Enjoy it and your weekend.


Another writer has come on board and will contribute his first post during the weekend.  We are going to call his spots:  Musings from the D List by Kevin T. McCarthy.  He has been in LA for several years and has appeared on TV in spots like CSI, ICarly and Conan.  Check him out here for more detail:  Kevin's IMDB page

He will bring another unique perspective and Guide to Somewhere hopes you will welcome him with open minds.

In the meantime, please consider joining the conversation.  Every story is a good one as far as we are concerned.  Unless they aren't in which case we reserve the right to ignore and/or ridicule them.

Seriously, spread the word, share the page, and thanks so much for reading!!!

Go NFC!!!  The Pro Bowl is only 2 nights away!!!

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