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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm Selfish and I Know It

For the past few weeks my daughter and I have been re-visiting the altruism argument.  That is, can an act be truly selfless?  As an extreme example let's look at Mother Teresa.  Those opposed to the idea of selflessness would contend Mother Teresa took care of the sick and poor solely to become a Saint.  Her actions clearly made her feel better as a human and a Catholic.  Therefore, she's a selfish do-gooder.  Shame on you Mother Teresa!!

That might be a bit harsh, but you get the point.

My trusty backseat driver keeps reminding me I give drivers the right of way more for karma than unselfishness.  I hear plenty of "You just want somebody to do that for you next time daddy."  Maybe.

Make no mistake, we are all selfish.  Every thought or action we make should have our own best interests in mind.  It's the reason we all have to put our oxygen masks on before assisting other passengers.  Take care of numero uno, then make others and the World around you a better place.

Coming to that realization has made a few things easier to deal with.

My first revelation arose when my 9 year old religious scholar stated  "Ya know, Jesus was selfish dad."  Nearly 40 years into my life I had never had occasion to think about Jesus in that light.  Moreover, I had barely thought about Jesus my whole life.  But, for argument sake, let's assume he walked the Earth, turned water into wine, and became the biggest Denver Broncos fan this side of Mork and Mindy.

When he asks his disciples and anyone within preaching distant to believe in him, and follow his teachings that very act IS selfish.  She's right.  Believe what you will, but when someone demands your attention and belief he has acted with his or her selfs best interest in mind.

What good what a preacher be without any followers?  How about Romney without New Hampshire voters?  Lady Gaga without Little Monsters?

It made me think of this blog and what has become a very big passion of mine.  Should I fret about a lack of following?  When friends disappear on Facebook do I second guess the endeavor?

Absolutely not.

This is a selfish and rewarding experience.  It is one that gives me great joy and a deeper sense of self worth.  And if I am feeling better shouldn't that equate to others doing better around me?  Maybe my decisions are more sound.  Maybe my attitude turns more positive.

With this new marriage to selfishness I would ask you to look within too.  Do something for yourself today.  Catch a movie this weekend.  Buy that shirt you had your eye on.  Go out to eat with the family (with dessert too!!)

Then, late at night when you reflect upon the day, check your favorite blogger and join the conversation.  Go to your Facebook page and become a fan.  Check your Twitter feed and follow.

Feed the selfishness within!!  Or at least mine.


5 Hump Day Clips:

Shins:  "Simple Song"  New music from James Mercer is a very good thing.  New Shins album due in March.

White Rabbits:  "Heavy Metal"  Might have to do some work here...  a download that is.

Nada Surf:  "Waiting for Something"   Always liked this band, and this track does not disappoint.  New album later this month.

War On Drugs:  "Baby Missiles"  TV debut on Jimmy Fallon.  Nice sound here.  Now a little sad I missed them last year.  Shout out to Philly!!  This could be my new favorite.

Finally, John Parr re-wording his classic "ST Elmo's Fire" theme using Tim Tebow as his muse is hard to ignore.

Hear it to believe it...  then probably vomit in your mouth a little bit.

Naughty, Naughty is right!!!  Super, terrific bonus video!!!

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