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Friday, January 13, 2012

Anyone Watch Music Anymore?

This space has morphed from a confessional cry for help (see first posts... on second thought don't!!) into a mix of suburban rants, cultural critiques and good hearted/spirited debates.  Oh, and there is another writer and a few more waiting in the wings.  Hooray!!  The invitation for writers stands, and will stand from here on.

Do not be afraid to express yourself.  Should there be insecurities about style or grammatical issues feel free to send in rough drafts.  Our editorial staff (read: Doc S) is waiting patiently.  It would be great to hear a female voice/perspective too.    Seriously, how much more "Tebow sucks and Jewelry commercials are queer and Caveman rocks and Christmas is too commercial and politicians are corrupt and gas prices are high and milk was $1 a gallon when I was a kid and Homeland is an awesome show and Katy Perry is overrated and New Jersey Transit hates you and diets are a waste of time and me, me, me" nonsense that litters this column on a daily basis???

The answer is somewhere between PLEASE STOP and I cannot have enough.

Either way, the conversation will continue.  So here it goes.

After a spirited drive through Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx this afternoon affords me 20 minutes or so to listen/watch music.

Does anyone else do that?  Does anyone have MTV and VH1 on their favorites list (for the music?)

Let it be known that this writer still intends to feature the latest (and sometimes greatest) videos ever made.

Should you become a fan of our Facebook page you will find a daily clip (if not more.)  There you can find anything from Cat Power to Oran "Juice" Jones.  It is a stream of consciousness potpourri that hopefully will include some of your selections too.

In an effort to kick start the weekend take a look/listen at these 10 selections.  They are in no good order, for no good reason.  So, they fit right in to this blog's overall theme.  Have a great weekend all!!!

Look for a review of King Krule/Real Estate/Girls later this weekend.

Real Estate:  "Days"  Peaceful, easy feeling from these kids from Ridgewood, NJ.  They can say they are based in Brooklyn all they want...  but once from the dirty Jerz, always from the dirty Jerz.

Lana Del Rey:  "Born to Die"  So much controversy from the Alt world re: Ms Del Rey.  She's on SNL tomorrow night...  sounds like she has the upper hand.  Oh, and sounds like her voice is pretty freaking awesome.

The War on Drugs:  "Baby Missiles"  New favorite!!!

St Vincent:  "Cruel"  A very funny and inventive video.  Song is super cool too.

Atlas Genius:  "Trojans"  Great 80s nostalgia feel here.  Melody, simple guitar, harmonies.

Friends:  "Friend Crush"  Have my sister to thank for much of my love for music.  She digs this track and who could blame her?  More ode to 80s.

Berlin:  "Metro"  Source material for all the synth acts of today.  Not many cooler than Terry Nunn and her skunk hair.  This is what I remember when I think of Berlin...  not that drek from Top Gun.

Men at Work:  "Overkill"  More source material for the synth bands of today (like Foster the People, Cut/Copy to name a few.)  Colin Hay's eyes still creep me out.  But boy can he sing a tune.

Wang Chung:  "Dance Hall Days"  Just because.  Still think they rank as the most under appreciated and underrated acts of the 80s.

Those Darlins:  "Screws Get Loose"  Cut from the Cults, Dum Dum Girls cloth...  an update of the Runaways.  Good, good track.  The rise of the girl band is very much in force.  Dig it.

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  1. Do they still make videos? Just kidding. I find myself going to youtube to view more live performances, than tuning in to vh1, or mtv.