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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Travel Day

Alas, the Feds did the right thing and settled their petty differences so we can enjoy DC properly. We all know my weekend trip was first and foremost on the politicians minds last night. I find it difficult to accept that Planned Parenthood was a major sticking point. Would the conservatives prehave young women to not have access to contraception and urgent health care? What then of unwanted pregnancies and the children that come from them? Does the Tea Party movement have an answer for that? And when will these social issues become less important in our country's day to day governing? Maybe as I visit our Capital I will picket the White House and demand an end to the 2 party system. Too bad I have such a small window to get all the stuff done an 8 and 70 year old want... not to mention me and the Mrs. Otherwise I would, I mean it!! For now I buy overpriced black water from the train and read about Charlie Sheen losing at Radio City. I think of the wonder and joy that will fill my daughter's eyes when we visit Memorials and the National Zoo. I think this Country is still the greatest on Earth. I try to stay optimisitic in an ever pessimistic time. 3 wars, economic uncertainty and philosophical differences... and that is just in my house. Sounds like the perfect weekend to get away and remember how this Country was created. My revisionist mind will ignore the Colonial Imperialism. The Founding Fathers could not have had this in mind, could they? And I get they had their share of issues and hypocrisies. Who doesn't? But rangling and posturing for linguists and special interests? This is not the way to run things? And as much as Bill Maher bugs me he had a good point last night. Why do we have 10s of thousands of troops in Japan, Korea and Germany? Why does defense spending never get discussed? And don't get me started on NASA. Nothing would make me happier than to close those doors forever. Funny that agency goes untouched but the Right goes after the EPA. Ugh! Sorry, rambling and trying to kill time while headed South. More cohesive and thought out writing as the weekend progresses. Assuming of course I lay off the drink... A very big assumption.

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