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Friday, April 22, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

The short 2 hour ride West finds me in Northeastern Pennsylvania this Easter weekend. Home of my alma mater, camouflauge clothing and my wife 's family. So, as they prepare tomorrow's feast, I look back at the week that was and offer this week's installment of Guilty Pleasures. And since I have entered a bit of a time warp I will enter the vault.


Gerry Rafferty. The late 70s were a magical time for music, and in particular soft rock. Rafferty perhaps best exemplified the decades' feeling of want, need for acceptance and heartache. We all love and remember the torture scene from "Reservoir Dogs."  "Stuck in the Middle With You" could not have been more fitting song choice. Quentin Tarantino has always had flair with music editing. With his first feature, and this scene specifically, he announced his presence to the film World. Raferty's soft voice and steel pedal riffs bring an airy California feel to the proceedings. Never mind he was a depressed, Scottish drunk. Make a quick google search should time permits to see how sadly his end days were spent.  His other smash hits, "Baker Street" and "Right Down the Line" are 70s staples. I debate which one stands out and end up throwing my hands up. They both rock. They both bring back fond memories. They both are linked below (along with the torture scene from Reservoir Dogs.). After all, it is Good Friday.


The last time I took this drive I heard a top 40 from Orwells favorite year. A quick plug for 80s on 8. More to the point... big props to Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood and Mark Goodman. I love that Sirius XM employs these staples of my youth. And let's be honest... radio is their best medium these days. You are always a bit concerned what a dj might look like. Since we all know what these guys looked like 20 years ago... nuff said. I am however a little tempted to see how high Adam Curry's hair is. Or if he has any left? 1984 had a little bit of everything. The Boss was loving the USA. Prince's epic, amazing "Purple Rain" dominated charts. Rock still existed and Van Halen had the album to prove it. The "Footloose Soundtrack" Hall and Oates, Men at Work and Huey Lewis all had several hits. Variety, androgyny, synths, guitars, girls who dress like boys, boys who dress like girls... A 2011 precursor if there ever was one. Today's Limousines and Foster the People trace their roots to Duran Duran and Thompson Twins. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga will never escape their Madonna/Cyndi Lauper pedigree, try as they might. The Bravery and Killers best thank their lucky Human League every night. The beauty of music reminds you of your past. And as I listen to today's youth, and their music, I am reminded we have not gotten too far away from it. I will stop at cuffing my Cavarreccis, throwing on my Members Only jacket and playing Space Invaders. Some things need not return.   And ok, I guess I would play Space Invaders if given the chance.  Some of what I heard/loved on my drive:  Christine McVie  Thompson Twins  Hall and Oates  Steve Perry


I am a new supporter/member of this inventive, fast moving social media. Follow me at Suburbandad23 if you too have joined the revolution. Mostly I use this tool on my phone to check up on celebrities and their oddities. Steve Martin is sardonic and brilliant, duh. Robin Quivers drives me crazy with her non-meat eating do good-ing. Retail sites make the grade as well. Sometimes you can get info on deals, or events, or whatever. Goes without saying band sites are helpful and entertaining.   I am on top of artists recording, or touring, or playing wiffle ball outside venues. Utter and complete minutia. My favorite. Probably explains why I am most interested in Alyssa Milano and Adrienne Curry. Milano tweets about her pregnancy and undying love of the Dodgers.  And not a day goesd by when Curry isn't discussing her obsession with gaming, working out or sending pics of her half naked body. Who's the Boss? Me and my smart phone, that's who.

 Off to color more eggs and self medicate. Happy Easter everyone.

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