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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Had an hour or so to try and prep for Spring.  And as I plowed through the endless collection of forgotten toys I had several thoughts.

First, how good is it to have thousands of dollars worth of American Girl and Barbie toys lying unnoticed and collecting dust?  And I think if I should dare enter the world of Ebay or gasp, Craigslist?  Why is it every time I think of using Craiglist I feel like I would end up buried off the Belt Parkway?

I suppose I could have a yard sale and do ALL the work that goes with it.  Making change for children.  Haggling with my strangers, and worse, neighbors.  But something has to give, right?  All indications are there will be no children.  Dare I keep all this stuff waiting for the next generation?  I almost feel like making a pro/con list to see which is better.  If I could only debate and ponder all life's decisions like I have this one.

The other prevailing thought is the need for money.  This winter's snow destroyed our back steps.  Masonry work is required.  Our fence also too an enormous hit.  Several posts have fallen off and the best thing to do what would be tearing it out/starting anew.  And there is the basketball hoop that has yet to be purchased.  Buy that and you better repair and pave the driveway.

So, anyone want the Pottery Barn Kids Red Deco Kids Kitchen (4 pieces) for $10,000???  Can I interest you in the Bitty Baby Twins Stroller.  Yours for $4,995.00.  And if you act now I will throw in both the twins and a container full of clothes.  We are talking mint condition here.  I think I handled them more taking them up and down steps than the child they were intended for.

The fourth caller can get the 1st generation Itouch, with Hurley Case, for just $15.

How about a Skeletor torso from my childhood collection?  Toss Across?  Wii games?  Wii?  Ugh.

At least things are a bit cleaner.  And there will be 2 full garbage cans on my curb tomorrow morning.

And isn't that really what spring is about?  Out with the old...  as long as that doesn't include me.

Enjoy these hand picked gems from one of last year's favorites...  Silversun Pickups.

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