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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Odds and Ends


I am beyond curious what to do about an aged, sickly cat keeping me awake every night.  I really wish I could explain the deafening sounds of terror she wails at least thrice nightly.  Last night was an exceptional display.  We hosted a sleepover so a neighbor could get out of town with her son on college visits.   Never mind the school night sleepover presented its own series of problems (read:11pm we finally heard silence.)   It seems when the balance is shifted in the household our cat freaks out a bit.  Sleepovers our guest room usage typically means bedroom doors remain closed.  She may not want to go in that room, but I think if you prevent her from doing so she gets pissed.

I locked her in the basement around midnight but this old house can't contain her ungodly shrieks.  Fill the food bowl.  No help.  Water with some fresh ice.  Good, but does not stop her.  1am cries.  3am cries.  And 6am (half hour prior to alarm) loud and long cries.  Now, on a glorious Spring day, it is me that cries.  Can I please get 8 consecutive hours sleep this calendar year???  And I understand the vet is not going to shed any light.  We have a 17 year old cat.  If I take her to the vet she will not come back.  That I cannot live with.  Anyone who knows me understands I am more conditioned to hear/see about human cruelty than animal cruelty.

Been some talk about OCD lately and how it might present in some people in my life.  Would only make sense my cat suffers too.  After all, she did lick her stomach bald a few years back.

Gray Hair:

A friend of mine pulled behind me while driving a few weeks back.  When he had the chance he honked and berated me for fixing my hair in the mirror.  "You look pretty enough???  Need a comb?"  I deserved it as I now find myself obsessing over the abundance of gray hairs.  Stop lights are the worst.  What looks like narcissistic grooming is actually an attempt to pluck, one by one, the gray right out of my head.  I am losing.  And it is funny because I never really cared about going gray.  Maybe the truth hurts more than a little.

And since my hair is long I now fear if I do cut it, as my daughter constantly urges me, it will all come in gray.  Ugh.  I think if the Barista asking:  "Can I help you ma'am?" did not prompt the haircut nothing will.  And the little one does not realize the more she asks me to do something the less inclined I am to do it.  So I guess I will embrace my long, gray hair (grudgingly.)  Picture Jane Goodall with a goatee.


Showtime's incredible rip off Fight Camp 360 caught my attention.  The 4 part series, here for the upcoming Manny Pacquiao v Shane Mosley fight, wants to be the far better HBO 24/7 series.  One problem.  They do not use narration.  HBO's polished and better looking show has a writer, and more importantly a voice.  Actor Liev Shreiber does narration for all HBO sports documentaries/documentary series.  His voice is incredible and a natural fit for the clean, entertaining dialogue that he performs.  Hell, if HBO and Liev can make Floyd Mayweather Jr a sympathetic character need I say more?  I will watch because Pacquaio is arguably the top athlete working today, in all sports.  His trainer, Freddie Roach, is nearly as fascinating.  But I am not prepared to hand over the World of Boxing to Showtime yet.  To me it still rests in the lap of HBO, and Larry Merchant, and Jim Lampley, and of course, Michael Buffer.  I am not sure they have the legs and money to stay with it, but I am pulling for it.  The fact this fight, maybe the biggest of the year should Mayweather Jr continue to duck Pacquaio, is not an HBO pay-per-view event speaks to it losing its grip.  I am hoping it is a mere blip.

But watch me pay the $60 May 7th regardless...


  1. no sleep is an epidemic, (as is pre-mature graying) makes for good time to catch up on blog reading. the long hair is ...some would say hollywood red carpet, grunge band member, or maybe you're going for the charles manson look..either way it works for long as you don't use a scrunchie for your pony'am.

  2. Sorry about Kitty...tough decision to make, but don't give up on the vet. For a few years now we've been thinking the same thing about Susie...she'd be sick, we'd take her in teary eyed "knowing" it was the end....GUESS AGAIN...she fooled us for about 3 years, finally 2 weeks ago, at the ripe old age of 20, she left us. She had a good life, as did your kitty, you can't feel bad about that whether she leaves you tomorrow, or 5 years from now. As for the full night's sleep, I have been waiting since I was 5 months pregnant...little is 14 months old now...still hopefull, maybe tonight???