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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Got Nothing...

At long last a Spring Day!!  Got to get outside a bit and will finally have our first outdoor softball practice in an hour.  First game is less than a week away so I am concerned, to say the least.

The whirlwind continues as my mother picks up my daughter immediately after and off to NYC for Wye Oak/Caveman at the Bowery.

Needless to say writing time is limited at best.

Look for a super sized Guilty Pleasure column tomorrow and review of the show.  Please enjoy the weather everyone and for the love of God tell people to read my blog.

Can you at least comment/become a follower so I know this is not all for naught???

I know, I know...  sound like a baby much???

All who know me realize how dramatic I can be.  Had I been born with a different head perhaps I would have taken off to find the footlights, instead of taking tips and getting stoned.

Apologies Mr. Chapin. 

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