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Saturday, June 2, 2012

What You Should Know, Summer 2012 Part 1

The summer is a great time for music!  Put the top down and cruise listening to the latest hits.  Host a barbeque and blast the boom box to the oldies.  2012 promises to be another great summer of music.

We all the know the usual culprits so this space will not indulge in Maroon 5, One Direction, Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jepson, Jason Mraz and whomever the flavor of the day is.  That's all good and you need no assistance finding the popular sound of today.  Simply exist...  you'll hear em.

A little off the beaten track there are some fabulous songs and artists who might pique your interest in those 5 minutes you get to yourself.  Angry Birds, Tosh.O and Big Breasts at Work will still be there in the morning...  or late evening.  Open your mind and feast on these little nuggets to get your summer going right!  Happy listening all!!

Walkmen "Heaven"  More surf- alt sounds from NYC based trio.  Good melody and toe tapping grooves wrapped tightly around big vocals.  Tambourines and heavy kick drum add nicely to this feel good # from the 7th record, also titled Heaven, released last week.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros "Man on Fire"  Alex Ebert, the trippy leader of this oversized band, is the straw that stirs the drink here.  A modern day Elvis meets cult leader Jim Jones if you will.  But instead of killing you with Kool Aid, he does it with song.  This first single from their LP, Here, which landed last week, is pure pop magic.  Soft vocals with huge vibes.  I see it playing in the title sequence of the latest Bud Cort film.

Chappo "Come Home"  This is the obvious choice from the NY bands debut record.  But dig further in their impressive debut to find far better songs.  "5-0" and "What Are You Kids on?" are incredible tracks too!  Just download the record and listen start to finish.  Does anyone do that anymore?

Imagine Dragons "It's Time"  Cheesy and bubble gum sweet for sure.  But it wears your ass down for sure.  Sometimes you need a good old fashioned pop song.  Nothing fancy.  No frills.  You swear you heard it before performed by someone else, and much better.  But that was then...

Walk the Moon "Anna Sun"  Ohio's own playing Mercury Lounge in a few weeks.  They are out supporting their EP which was just released a few weeks back.  This is a band that will be headlining much bigger venues this time next year.  Mark it down!!  A can't miss single for the summer.  Try to NOT emulate the frantic dance this video displays.

Grimes "Oblivion"  Headed to Canada for this one.  Clair Boucher is Grimes.  Synths.  Synths.  And more synths.  And that pixie like Julee Cruise voice.  Unsure why I dig it so much.  But through trying to rationalize it.  You dig whatcha dig.  Hope you will too.  Video happens to be a hoot too.

Silversun Pickups "Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)"  This is one of those bands you love or hate, I get that.  Lead singer has a fem, albeit distinct and very rich voice.  The beats and grooves are mostly alike and often times familiar.  I find it all very rewarding and a real joy to the ears.  This first single from their LP "Neck of The Woods" is another simple and effective cut.  Chick bassists happen to rock too don't ya know!!  Enjoy.

Dandy Warhols "Sad Vacation"  Moody Pacific Northwest folks are back with a new record, This Machine.  Glad to see they have the the same F-you attitude and chip on their shoulder!  Rock and roll.  No more, and certainly no less.  Sad vacation...  love the title

Ball Park Music "It's Nice to Be Alive"  Aussie kids on the scene with their debut album.  Saw a quote somewhere that I happened to like.  I'm paraphrasing...  "Rufus Wainwright called and said he wanted his song back."  Response:  "He should, it's a pretty good song."  Profane, goofy, but undeniably catchy stuff here.  And again, this space strongly endorses of the Buckingham/Nicks trend of male/female singer/songwriters.


Bruce Hornsby and The Range "Look Out Any Window."   A smile always comes to mind when I hear this 80s hit machine.  In fact, I feel like Hornsby does in many of his songs.  Simpler times.  Futures so bright.  The belief in your brother, your neighbor, your Country.  Hope.  And not just a slogan, or promise.  Actual hope!

"Well, that's just the way it is.  Some things will never change."

Have a great week all!!!

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  1. The new Walkmen album is very good (all of their material is good). I will have to check out some of your other picks.

    Here's a pick for you: the debut from Great Elk -- Autogeography. If you like Spoon, Band of Horses, or Archer Prewitt, it's a good bet you'll be surprised by this album.