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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Royal Pain

What exactly is our (meaning: the United States') fascination with England's Royal Family?

Be it weddings, paparazzi chases through tunnels, and now boat processions honoring 60 years of being born into privilege, we eat it up like so many crumpets (but with better teeth.)

Are we that hungry for a diversion?  Does the idea of "make believe" in a World of stark realities help ease our pains?  Our fears?

Didn't we fight a war to get the hell away from the Monarchy?  And those expression-less Beefeaters??

But here we are, some 236 years later, fascinated by the pomp and circumstance of Queen Elizabeth and her royal wave.

Sure, she has been a steadying force during many tumultuous times.  And it is understood her presence provides comfort and warmth amongst many, if not all, Brits.  They refer to her as "Mum" and hold her in regard as if she was their own grandmother.

But why do we care?

She does nothing for Americans.  She rarely visits, and if she does it will not be at your families 4th of July barbeque.

She doesn't write laws or enforce them either.

She held Princess Diana in contempt for divorcing Prince Charles and was near absent when Diana died tragically.  What?  Divorce and scandal are unusual these days Queen Mum?  Or was that more a matter of keeping up appearances and/or not wanting to look like mere commoners?

In any event the whole damn thing is a farce.

Why should we care?  Isn't it all hypocrisy to be spending 4 days celebrating someone's birth while the European union and monetary system stand on the brink of collapse?

What if, instead of the enormous expense incurred by parading boats down the Thames, exploding fireworks into a gray sky, and performances from aged acts like Elton John and Sir Paul, the Royals quietly nodded their heads and threw a benefit concert for Greece?

Nope.  Never even a consideration.

They all want to bask in the spotlight and pat themselves on their collective, overpriced and designer outfitted gowns and military outfits.

Why not?

It's clear they are revered in Europe.

But the USA does nothing to curb their massive egos either.

There is way too much reality to buy into this fairy tale.

After all, the flotilla did not stop Prince Philip from hospitalization did it?

England and the US should get back to sharing one common interest:  hating the French.

Hip Hip...

Further reading from my colleague that might clear some of this up can be found here:

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