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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On Debt Ceilings and other (far less important) things...

Let me first state that I am neither a fan of our current President (or the one prior) or our current House Speaker.  In fact, I cannot think of one US Politician I support.  I find them all to be loathsome, egomaniacal  and probably corrupt.
Now it seems they want to make waves holding up a resolution on raising the debt ceiling.  Admittedly I am more than a bit naive/uninformed regarding this situation.  I did however find this resource to be helpful:   The moral of the story is the US is in NO position to default on loans.  Compromise must be reached and fast or I cannot imagine what will happen next.  Doomsday I presume.

Mr Boehner and President Obama need not hold press conferences or point fingers.  I cannot be bothered with motivations bolstered by poll numbers and approval ratings.  We get it, the Republicans have shaky candidates (at best ) for 2012 and Mr Obama has NOT lived up to the hype.  Please put all these ideological differences aside, quit the posturing, and iron something out.

Haven't the American people suffered enough?  We miss this boat I am fairly certain our days as an "Economic Superpower" are over, if not already.

Odds and Ends:

I have mixed feelings about the NFL reaching a labor agreement earlier this week.  And no it is not because my Seahawks will again be a nightmare to watch (Tarvaris Jackson rather than Matt Hasselbeck??!!)  I was very curious to see how America would handle Sundays without football.  Would the NHL make inroads?  Would an alternative league form a la the USFL? 

I will pay attention and root like hell against the Jets and Giants.  But a part of me could have done without it for a year.  Sometimes some time off can be a good thing.  Of course I am a baseball fan who sees that sports National interest drop with each passing year.  Count me as part of that growing population should the Phillies meet the Yankees in October again.  And if the Red Sox make it???  Fugitaboutit.

On the other hand I am beyond prepared for the NBA to stay away.  Looks like it will too.  I did find it comical that some folks at a local pub were saying Kobe Bryant and Deron Williams were "Un-American" if they wetn oversees to play during a lock-out.  Um, so an athlete should just sit and wait things out in a falling/failing economy rather than go make a living?  I would argue it is un-American to do that!!  Athletes are good for 5 to 10 years in their profession.  If he or she has an opportunity to make money (anywhere) during that short career span they MUST take it.

Is Jerry Buss (Lakers owner) going to stop making money during a lock-out?  So why shouldn't Bryant and others?  The system needs an overhaul.  If that means less games or foreign teams so be it.  It is not like folks are breaking down the doors to see a January Bucks versus Jazz game.

Quick Observations:

Why does Cialis insist on 2 tubs as their logo/product concept?  If this drug is so effective wouldn't one tub suffice?  Or better yet a shower with a bench or hand rails? 

And if the tubs are on the side of the mountain kindly explain the plumbing situation.  I cannot imagine he and she lug buckets of water up the mountain side to fill these bad boys.  I know with all that labor I would be in the mood for beers, couch and a sit-com.  OK, if it last 4 hours I might get persuaded.

Does anyone logically think Marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol?  If you answer yes please tell me why.

If we legalize and tax accordingly, like say cigarettes and alcohol, how much would that help our decaying government?  I know between me and some friends we could probably have our towns roads paved once a year (hyperbole of course...kinda.)

I happened to see an episode of "Everybody Hates Chris" last week.  My daughter is a big fan.  The episode centered around Chris' character carrying around an egg (as baby) for a school assignment.  Naturally the egg disappeared/hijinx unsued/happy resolution(kinda) followed.  How many shows have used this premise?  And has anyone ever been assigned this in school?  Known someone who has??  Further illustration that Hollywood lacks originality and will look more to cheat than create.  Think about that when you head to the movies this summer...  Smurfs, Captain America, Transformers, Fright Night, etc...

I am a little embarrassed to mention I kept Teen Nick on after my daughter fell asleep and watched a half hour of an Avril Lavigne concert.  Worse that I watched or that I enjoyed it?  Right, that I admitted it!!!

Finally, I was hoping to start a new feature touting a band or show, or movie I deem underrated.  I would also urge any and all readers to give me their feedback.  I will start.

Wang Chung:

There was a time in the early 80s that you could not escape them.  5 top 5 hits in a 5 year span.  "Dance Hall Days" is still one of my favorites and I will excuse them for "Everybody Have Fun Tonight."  It was the 80s after all.  They cannot all be winners and they made more money on that song  than any other.  Far be it for me to begrudge them on their greatest success. 

What I remember is "Fire in the Twilight" from The Breakfast Club and the brilliant soundtrack to another underrated gem To Live and Die in LA."  Read the history here should you care:  More importantly, check out these great tunes.

"Wait"  Thanks Todd!!!

Feel free to help a brotha out and repost to any and all social medias linked/listed below.  As always appreciate you reading.  Much love.

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