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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Devil's Advocate (The People v Casey Anthony)

And this is why I fear (loathe) the Nancy Grace's of the World.  And this is why I am troubled by all those who forget we celebrated Independence Day on Monday.  And this is why our country HAS to understand we try cases in courtrooms, not TV sets.  It was not Jimmy Smits suave Victor Sifuentes trying Casey Anthony's case the past few months.  Rather, it was state employee Jeff Ashton and his ill prepared staff that brought this case to the courtroom.

There fatal error?  Well, you could argue the error was bringing her to trial in the first place.  But I am not going there.  The problem is bringing this case to trial with 1st degree murder charges!!!  Maybe Reckless Endangerment/Manslaughter makes more sense, don't you think??

I am not going to write that Ms Anthony is not culpable (and more than likely responsible) for her young daughter's death.  However, we live in a Country that prides itself on fair and equal trial.  Granted, our peers are sometimes jaded and un-educated.  I ask, would you rather Ms Anthony be stoned in public like you see in many 3rd World countries?  If you answered yes, how would you react when someone else is linked to her daughters death years after the last stone has been cast.  Have we learned nothing from the countless DNA cases that are overturned freeing wrongly jailed men and women?  Where then was the physical evidence?  Can someone show me the smoking gun?  My limited "Today Show" knowledge indicates the State of Florida cannot tell us exact cause of death and/or timeline.  These are glaring and obviously alarming details.  Presumed innocent unless proven otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt.  Should you be that strongly opposed to this government perhaps a vacation in Tehran might be in your future.  When you come back (after probably being detained for several years on a trumped up charge, like you are a woman with your face exposed) maybe you change your whole idea of how the jury got it wrong.  Then perhaps the Justice for Kaylee posts make a little less sense.

Justice for Kaylee exists only if that little girl is alive to swim in a pool this summer, or enjoy an ice cream, or do all the things a little girl should be doing.  That all changed when she was killed several years ago.  Nothing will ever bring her back.  Whether Casey was an awful, uncaring, selfish mother is not up for debate.  She is guilty on that charge and several more.  And she has to live with herself.  The guilt sentence she has been sentenced too cannot be overlooked.  I have committed crimes I may never forgive myself for and no one is dead as a result.    But there isn't a day that goes by when I don't remember them, and look for guidance.  Ms Anthony will have this internal conversation every day of her "free" life. 

So when she appears on Celebrity Rehab or Dancing With the Stars, look the other way.  As a Nation we tend to forgive and forget.  Had the bullet been a little more left Amy Fischer would have been a murderer.  Now she is a porn star turned celebiry reality star.  And Chris Brown gets to go to Grammy Awards and continue making records.  And so on, and  so on, and  so on. 

The system is flawed folks, get over it.  It is a Country dominated by the press and consequently slanted toward bias.  DSK is accused of rape, loses his job and credibility and may be innocent after all.  Should the case be dropped how does he get his reputation back?  What becomes of his accuser?  Should she be responsible for any wrong doing?

Weep for the victims my friends, but please do not rail against the system.  It is the only one we got.  And as long as humans are running the show (and watching/participating in it) it will never be perfect.  Sadly, still the best system I have seen.

Final thought:
I would never allow a camera in a courtroom again. 

Some reflection music:

"Free Life" by Dan Wilson

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