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Friday, July 22, 2011

Download This "E" (lazy addition)

Furiously trying to pack the car for a trip to the Poconos this weekend.

Download This "E" edition is a hastily thrown together mash up.  You get the drift.  Good news is you get a respite from my endless ramblings.  Unless I get a signal on the Ipad in which case look out.

In any event enjoy the weekend and stay cool.  Editors: "Munich"

Editors "Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors"

Eels:  "Prizefighter"

Eels:  "Fresh Blood"

Edward Sharpe:  "Home"

Elliot Smith:  "LA"

Elliot Smith "Waltz # 2"

Emmylou Harris:  "Wrecking Ball"

Emmylou Harris w/ the Band from Scorsese's "The Last Waltz"  OUTSTANDING!!!

English Beat: "I Confess" 

Eazy E:  You can take the boy out of Jersey...

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