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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day blows up

A few things to remember.

1) Never drop your child off at camp or school looking like you are NOT going to work.  It has burned me in the past and am burned again this afternoon.  Granted, my daughter is not feeling 100 %.  But when she woke up groggy and complaining of a sore throat I should have immediately thrown on a suite, shaved and cut my hair.

The shorts and flip flops were never gonna fly.

So, after the pep talk about sucking it up, camp is over in 2 days and you have 6 weeks off, we put out big money for these five days, you have no fever, your friend will miss you,  etc...  it should have come as no surprise when she asked "Are you going to the City today daddy?"

"Um, no.  Gotta do some running around in NJ today" I clumsily replied.

Sure enough at noon her counselor called informing me she is too ill.  A hot shower and some tylenol she is all better.  "Is camp still going on?  I could go back now."

I know the deal.  She realizes she has a game tonight and she wants desperately to go to Dick's to get some ridiculous fan/mister cup.  "All the kids at camp have one and we get to use them tomorrow."  I have to get it or I run the risk of her bailing on camp tomorrow.

I love the battle of minds I have to go through with a 9 year old.  And how poorly I compete!!!  I think about counter-proposals and have some math tutoring worksheets and online school assignments in my back pocket.

"So, we go to Dick's and you spend YOUR money on cheap ass, piece of junk cup and I get you to do (2) worksheets and a Study Island?"

2) I could be working...  oh I am.  Writing this while on a long hold with UPS.  Turns out I had two packages going to an end-user today and I/we/whomever failed to put a Suite # on the ship to.

Look the F out!!

UPS had two packages with a client name and number on them inside their intended delivery address at 9:30am.  It is not 2:20 and no one is sure where they are right now.

A few phone calls (one by me and one by the shipper) have gotten us no where.  I was unable to re-direct it and the shipper (whom I was told HAS to do it) was informed my client can pick it up tomorrow at the UPS on W Houston ST from noon to 9pm.  Yeah, I want to tell my end user to lug a 40 pound box uptown 3 blocks.

These little nuisances are what drive me crazy.  OK, the UPS driver does not have a cell phone.  That is what the dispatcher tells me.  They can reach their office, no?  Can he make a quick call explaining the dilemma..  Can you please call the name and ask what floor is on?

2 seconds later they would be on the freight elevator business as usual.

Now I pay more.  Time is wasted.  And customers are further dissatisfied.  For the life of me I cannot figure out how this laziness benefits anyone.  Except for perhaps China any other global power you can think of?  When will we start producing something everyone has to have??  Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg should get together and see what happens.

Probably woke up a bit angry which did not help.  I saw the shuttle land and all the pomp and reverence that accompanied it.  I know I am in the minority on this but I say good riddance.  We can get into all the accomplishments made with NASA, and there are plenty.

All along I cannot help thinking of all the monies wasted exploring other planets when the one we live on is an enormous mess.  Not to mention the first things that come to my mind when thinking of NASA are the horrible tragedies shown in real time.

With all the rhetoric regarding debt ceilings and budget fallouts I take a much harder look at NASA and other agencies that bleed our Country dry.

Let Richard Branson handle the space exploration thing.  He is part alien anyway.  And these days he has to be more liquid than the US as a whole.  I am just not interested.  There are so many fascinating and unexplored treasures on this planet.  Who needs to know if there is water on Mars?  Do we really think at this rate we will have enough man/brain power to occupy other Worlds???  We cannot control the planet we are on!!!

Let's all take a moment to think the good, good people.

I read Leo DiCaprio dumped Blake Lively today.

Wow.  I don't know how he does it.  This is the kid from Growing Pains for God's sake!!  Just when I thought George Clooney was the biggest bad-ass...

With all the jokers I see throwing their hat in the Presidential Run my support is going his way.  Movie star with the brass to do whatever and whoever he wants.  You gotta admit it would be pretty darn entertaining.

and for the record you guessed it...  I am off to Dick's.

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