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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Some days just feel better than others.  Today, my wife celebrates a birthday.  Unfortunately she is suffering at work.  However I am confident she is feeling pretty good.   It helps that our only child played her little ass off last night on the basketball floor.  She was the smallest one out there and by far had the biggest heart.  Had we lost (which was in question) her efforts were more than enough to provide pride and joy.  She will not always be on the winning side.  But our goal is to provide her the confidence to never fear and give maximum effort.  Oh, and we sure hope she did well on her midterms too.  Guess that should be more a priority.

But really, how much of your 5th grade Social Studies or Science are you using at your job today.  Learning how to overcome obstacles in and out of the classroom are what matters today.  We should also be teaching communication and verbal skills at early ages.  Kids should be able to write a formal letter and deliver a speech to his/her peers.  Practical skills are essential too.  There should be a greater emphasis on economics (both world and home.)  Geography is not taught near enough in my opinion either.  Can you locate Iran on a map if you had to?  How about Alabama?  As the World gets smaller and smaller it is more vital than ever to know your neighbors.  How else can you learn to mistrust them?  

But anyway, where was I??

That attitude and our proximity to the bear they call New York City will, hopefully, put her in a better situation than her two blue collar parents had growing up.  And that ain't a knock on our collective upbringings.  Our folks both did the best they could and themselves put us in a situation to succeed.  We are both here, healthy, striving for a better future for ourselves and child.  A roof is over our head.  Meals are consumed far too frequently.  Occasionally we even get to a concert, or movie, or even vacation.

We will celebrate 15 years of marriage next week.  As anyone who has been married or with someone that long will attest, it ain't easy.  A manual does not exist to help guide you through it all.

The typical marriage may or may not contain:

Career doubt
Home Ownership
Home Repair
Wanting to get the F out of the house
Than having to sell the damn thing
Realizing selling a house means people have to enter your home
Pet Ownership
Pets dying
Pets not able to control the sound of their meow
Pets meowing at all hours
Pets sharing your bed
Pets needing to go out at 2am every night
Cars breaking down
Kids growing up
Kids getting mature
Kids getting too cool for you
Money problems
Credit scores
In Laws
Health Scares
Road Trips
Body Image problems
Losing Friends to death
Losing Friends for whatever reason
Dinner Parties
Colon exams
Gray Hair
No Hair
Back Hair

Through it all the best you can hope for is happiness.

Today, I am happy.  Happy birthday T and happy anniversary.  Like last nights game it is a struggle.  We appear as small players in a much larger game.  The odds have always been stacked against us.

Here we are many years later and wouldn't you know?  We are still standing.

Catch a show next week?  Sit on the sidelines tomorrow for the game?  Dinner and a movie?  Top Chef Restaurant Wars?  Commute listening to Stern?  Walk through the mall?  Walk the dog?  School concerts?  Chaperone proms?  Attend her graduation(s)?  Her induction into the Hall of Fame?  Trip down the aisle?  Cradle your grandchild?  Retired in Sea Pines?

15 years more, at least.  But never 50.  That's just crazy, right?

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