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Friday, January 25, 2013

Keeping Warm

Ironically enough my 5th grade daughter is studying pathogens and bacteria in science this week.  Well, at least that is what she would be studying if she were there.  Pathogens and bacteria have brought her down and this old man has learned the fine art of home schooling.

More specifically, I have learned I could never home school.   Every lesson argues with tears and fetal positions.  And she gets pretty angry too!

It is also determined that folks make too big a deal about lip synching.  Maybe as much a spectacle as they make of the inauguration.  Really?  Who cares about either.  If you want to see live music get yourself to a club.  Super Bowl's, Political events, and Made for TV shows are failures waiting to happen.  Beyonce is a performer.  Is this the big news from Obama's big day?

Maybe it was too damn cold for her?  Yeah, have you heard?  The Northeast is in the midst of a deep freeze.  It has been much colder than in recent years, but it is winter, right?  We must expect this from time to time.  Wear extra clothes!  Put the heat up!  Thank whatever deity you pray too that you have a home on days like this and anticipate spring even more.  Each day gets us closer to April.  Baseball players will be reporting to camp very soon.  Let us refrain from stating the obvious for a moment.  Ok one last time.  Winter is cold, gray and generally sucks.  Next.

Finally, I find myself hating the new trend of tweeting your true feelings then quickly apologizing when you realize you have offended folks.

A few weeks back Tim Tebow's brother went viral when he asked if he was the only one happy in Denver after the Broncos were eliminated from the NFL playoffs.  Heaven forbid he stood behind that funny line.  Less than 24 hours later he had to ask for forgiveness.  For what exactly?  If he was happy his brother's ex-team lost why apologize?  If people got that offended over a brother of a back up quarterback THEY should be the ones apologizing.  Sorry folks if you have no life and define your couch ridden existence with your football squad.  We are all way too sensitive.  Since when are we forbidden from zinging someone?  Since when are we humorless?

New England Patriots' wide receiver Wes Welker's wife found herself in the same situation this week.  After the Ravens knocked off her husbands team she attacked Ray Lewis via Twitter:  Ray Lewis is a bad guy and should not be a role model.  Funny Mrs Welker was making headlines a year after Tom Brady's wife, Giselle Budchen, ripped Welker for not being able to catch the balls he throws to him: Giselle stands behind her man.  The point is Welker and Tebow both had something to say.  And it was their emotional response to a situation they felt strongly about.

They were words, meant to illicit a reaction.  They knew it when they went out.  To then backtrack and tell America they were sorry is cowardly and knee jerk.  Lewis is a clown who should not be revered as he is.  Tebow was treated poorly and did indeed win more playoff games last year then Mr America Peyton Manning did this year.   You can be angry and have an opinion.

And you know what?  Not everybody is gonna like what you say.  That, is the beauty of it all.

This is not Tehran.  Or North Korea.  Say what you mean, but mean what you say.

My family always had a nice way to handle this dilemma.  Simply say "Sorry you feel that way."

That is so much more insulting!

Once the dust settles (read: virus leaves the building) this blog promises to pick up more steam.  Until then check these gems out for no particular reason.  Ok, the reason is there was a lot of stream of consciousness music searching during my class breaks this week.  Happy Weekend folks!!

Living Colour "Glamour Boys"  Finny how a text can lead down a crazy road.  One thing led to another and this song sprang to mind earlier today.  Remember them?  "Cult of Personality" was epic and important.  This, not so much.  But still super cool.

Boz Skaggs "Lido Shuffle"  I think this song has not been properly used in a soundtrack or tv show.  I picture it as my anthem in my biopic.

Sniff'n the Tears "Driver's Seat"  A friend thought this was a better walking anthem.  Was this in Boogie Nights?  Zodiac?  It is both sexy and scary.   Dare you to find a better one hit wonder from the 70s.

Soul Coughing "Super Bon Bon"  Another 90s classic.  Mike Doughty is the man and this is his masterpiece.  Bad.  Freaking.  Ass.

Fun "Carry On"  Enough with the "We are Young" and "Some Nights."  This is the best single from the record.

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