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Friday, December 9, 2011

New Curriculum

On the way to school today a trivia question came on Hits .  "Who was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic ocean solo?" the Morning mash up dj asked.

Without missing a beat my 9 year old declared "Amy Adams."

Impressive I thought.  Never mind the answer was beyond incorrect.  She will know Amelia Earhart when she is my age.  Not that possessing that information has given me a leg up in society.  We probably shouldn't even be teaching that kind of stuff school anyway?

We seem hell bent on repeating history's greatest mistakes:  war, classism, racism.  Might be easier having our kids Wikipedia all the history the need as it comes up in their everyday lives.  Save that 45 minutes and add another math or science class.

How about this for a 4th grade curriculum?

Social Media
Applied Physics
Modes of Alternate Energy
Lunch (optional)
Free Monitored Internet

Get there at 7:30 and last bell somewhere around 4.  Devices are permitted but forbidden during lecture/lessons.  Absolutely no gaming!!

Every kid HAS to be involved in an extra curricular too.  If not athletics... than art club, online newspaper, yearbook, web design club, barista training, lessons in Wal-Mart greeting, etc...

There should be an adjacent tech school offering trade opportunities and studies.

That school will focus primarily on infrastructure rebuilding and general labor practices.  Here the students will learn the basics, plumbing, electrical and general contracting.  There will also be advanced methods of engineering and green technology preparedness courses.  Electives might include hair dressing/coloring, spa management and mortuary studies.  We all like to be pampered and well groomed.  And we are all gonna die.

Hope it's far off for all of us, well most of us.  Maybe some of these simple changes can be implemented.  I love New Jersey but am unsure how learning about the Lenape Indians is really helping my daughter?  And don't get me started about Religion class...  I know, I know...  I send her there willingly so I can't complain about the Advent quiz next week.

Do they teach Buddhism during school days in China?  Hmm.

For now I take a little pride in the recall it takes to answer "Amy Adams" to the Earhart question.

Adams played Earhart in the underwhelming Ben Stiller vanity piece "Night in the Museum 2."  Recall the movie.  Recall the actress.  Recall who the actress was portraying.  Recall what the portrayed historical figure was famous for.  To be able to process all that nonsense in a second is pretty impressive.  And funny.  That and a phone call can win you tickets to a big concert.

Good stuff if you ask me.

Please keep the Alec Baldwin story going.  This is a man with a history of verbal abuse so don't act surprised.  Lest we forget his voicemail to his daughter:   All the press is sure to bring the ratings up for 30 Rock next month.  And don't think for a second he doesn't know that.  So he blows up at a (probably grumpy) flight attendant??  Who cares?  The bigger story is he flies commercial.  His Capital One commercials (like the one when he is in the cockpit-hehe) have not allowed him to fly his own plane???  Weird.

And I hear the Duggar mother miscarried what would have been her/their 20th child.  She is going to name the unborn baby too.  And maybe TLC will broadcast the "very special" television event.

Enough is enough.

When does parenting end and spectacle begin?  There are plenty of single moms and ordinary mothers who are superstars far beyond this freakish midwestern clan.  How about a little love their way TLC?  Leave the Mary Kate plus 8 type to the sideshows and leave us out of it.  We have our own problems (and about 18 less kids.)

5 zen tracks for your weekend:

AWOLNation:  "Jump On My Shoulders"  The entire album, like their live show, is full of energy and exhuberance.  They opened with this infectious diddy about stage diving and Robin Hood.  I'm paraphrasing.  For more:

The National:  "Terrible Love"  As they prep for a 6 night stop at the Beacon next week it is fair to say they have arrived.  This is the place usually reserved for the  a week with the Allman Brothers Band.  High Violet came out in 2010 and these guys have been touring ever since.   Get the hell on board and become a loyal follower.  You will be rewarded.  For more info:

Breaking NEWS:  2 new National songs played during a Toronto radio appearence earlier today.  Take a listen:

Gomez:  "How We Operate"   After canceling some shows last year due to illness the Brit rockers are marking their 15th year touring with a Winter/Spring tour next year.  Get your tix for Bowery and join us there!!!  Save your Oasis, and Coldplay, and Travis...  Gomez has never gone away or had sibling rivalries like most 90s angst brits.  For more:

Caveman:  "My Time"  Not appearing on many, if any top albums of 2011 charts but CoCo Beware is the perfect winter's album.  Vibe filled goodness in a time of auto tune drivel.  They too can be seen (in their first headlining show!!) at Bowery Ballroom next month.  Sure to be a raucous and great time.  For more:  and

Finally, to show my heart is capable of growth during the Holidays, one of my favorite Christmas songs.

"Fairytale of New York" by the Pogues.  Hard to believe Shane MacGowan outlived the wonderful Kirsty MacCool.  Her voice is missed far more than MacGowan's teeth.

This song has it all...  melody, incoherence, name calling, muttering, joy, hope, wonder, anger, resentment, lost expectations and bells.  Sounds like the Holidays.

Oh, did I mention the flute and pipes?  And the drunkeness??

Have a great weekend!!!

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