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Friday, December 16, 2011

Making the Adult Decision

Months ago tickets were purchased for last nights The National concert at the Beacon.  Two problems.  First we thought we were buying the last night of 4 performances.  They consequently added 2 more shows which will conclude tomorrow.  The bigger issue was the conflict last night that arose with our daughter's Christmas concert.  And yes, I said it, CHRISTMAS concert.  Catholic school folks.  They go old school on you in a hurry.  From our kindly Sister N's irish accent (she's the principal) to the singing of "O Holy Night" as the encore this event was emphatically Catholic.  You almost get the sense Jesus himself wrote the playlist, mixing campy with traditional.   No Happy Holidays here folks.  Christ is very much involved.

What right minded parent would want to miss that?  How many 4th grade concerts am I going to attend???
The National would have to wait.

The event was a success and the kids really did a nice job.  It was the kind of evening where everything felt ok for a moment.  And take the religious overtones out of the equation please.  Believe what you believe and have fun doing it.

The event is more about community.  A civilized gathering when family can pay attention, and acknowledge the achievements of our system of education and more importantly our children.  Boys in suits and girls in dresses singing songs to admiring kin.  An hour and a half away from Iphones and spreadsheets.  And even though the seemingly easy task of outfitting a 9 year old girl entails:
emails to school administrators, countless hundred dollar shopping excursions, complaining, crying and yelling, I still call it triumphant.  I will see The National perform "Bloodbuzz Ohio" and "Mr November" again.  The same cannot be said with confidence for "I Wanna Hippopotamus For Christmas."  Hell, maybe I will watch "It's A Wonderful Life" in its entirety this year.  There is talk of "A Christmas Carol" at the Shakespeare Theatre next week.  What on Earth is happening to me???  I need a shot of Michael Bay movie meets Monster of Metal concert.

Some quick items:

At first one can look at the "new" flavors of Hershey's Kisses as cheap gimic.  How many different types do you need?  Same with Cheez-It, or Doritos, or Cheerios.  You have done great work...  step back...  enjoy.

Fact is, both the peppermint bark and cherry cordial Kiss rock.  Make whatever the hell you want if it makes you happy.  I'm converted.  Now where did I put those Taco Bell Flavored Pringles??

A big UGH!!!  goes to the need for leaf blowers on December 16th!!!  Cause there isn't one!!!  Not in the Northeast anyway.

The leaves have all fallen.  It's over.  Stick with your hand and see you next spring!!

Probably bitter because it overwhelmed my music while I had a free hour to write.  But the sound is so blatantly loud and aggressive.  It is bad enough to tolerate when it is 70 and sunny.  At 30 and gray...  enough already.

Finally, thinking of an internet tv post Christmas.  Since I am not a techie or audiophile may I ask for some advice?

Thinking 42" HD with Wifi capability and perhaps the best sound system out of the box.  Pie in the sky?

Help a brother out.

You guys have a great weekend!!!

Maybe a music post or thoughts on when Santa gets told she doesn't want that gift anymore later on.

In the meantime...  some stuff that should be on your radar.

White Denim "Anvil Everything"

Girls "Honey Bunny"

M83 "Midnight City"  I may believe all the hype here.  A terrific album.

Lana Del Rey "Born to Die"
"Video Games"  Hype and buzz is HUGE here!!!  Your thoughts??  Read her Bowery show was erratic too.  Take a look:

You cannot discount the voice however.  It's big.  She is bringing the sexuality card too.  Not subtly either.  Wonder who will view the clips more...  men or women??

Speaking of sexuality and singing...  with a hint of 50s/60s throwback...  take a look at the Dum Dum Girls.
"Bedroom Eyes"
Love that my daughter HATES their lipstick.  "Gross" she says.

Fleet Foxes "Helplessness Blues"  Either you love pastoral rock or you don't.   Also regarded as one of the finest records of the year.

So too was Bon Iver's Holocene.  Here is "Perth"

Finally, since it is December, and snowy in many parts, a moment from Kate Bush's latest record 50 Words for Snow.  So freaking creepy.

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