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Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Cheer(?)

Can someone explain who or what started the trend of Christmas decorations on cars.  And can I really be the only one who thinks its ridiculous?  What exactly is the point of "red nose" plastered on the front of a Chevy Suburban?  How about the antlers from the windows?

Does this mean the gas guzzling SUV is actually a reindeer?  If that is true shouldn't it be flying on Christmas Eve?  Why am I behind it in a parking lot waiting for the 4' woman to find her ideal spot???  We get it, you are in the Christmas spirit.  Now please stop acting like a child and take those absurd things off your already pretentious vehicle.

Our family hosted a Christmas themed double feature the other night.  More and more it appears either a) I am a misguided and misinformed arbiter of pop culture or b) the masses want to like something for the sake of liking something.  That is, it reminds them of childhood so they tolerate it even though it is crap.

For example, please tell me why both A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation are worthy Holiday films?

Chevy Chase's film is slow, humorless and predictable.  Not to mention the fact that Beverly DeAngelo keeps her shirt on, Lindsay Buckingham does not appear on the soundtrack, and Christie Brinkley is nowhere to be found.  America likes it why?  Because Clark falls off a ladder decorating the house?  Because his cat gets fried from chewing through lights?  Because even though the entire house is destroyed and his crazy cousin-in-law kidnaps his boss it all seems to work out in the end??

No thanks.  Give me John Hughes' Home Alone anyday.  It was the right amount of whimsy, the same cheesy message, and Joe Pesci.  "Keep the change you filthy animal."

A Christmas Story never made sense to me.  "It'll poke your eye out"  Kid sticks tongue to frozen pole.  Peter Billingsley?  No thanks.  Proud to say I have yet to see that film start to finish, just like It's A Wonderful Life.

Probably showing a little too much hostility for this time of year.  Sorry.  Just frustrating looking back at art and culture from your childhood and realizing it is lacking.

What are the best Christmas films of all time and why?

And don't give me animated TV stuff either.  It goes without saying that The Grinch and all the Rankin/Bass shows are in a class by themselves.  I can even tolerate Charlie Brown and Frosty, although only once a year for both.

Waiting for some inspiration please...

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  1. "Babes in Toyland", Laurel and Hardy. Brings back childhood memories.

    "Santa Claus, the Movie", Dudley Moore and John Lithgow at their finest. Ha ha.