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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Did I Miss Anything?

It has been a while since last post, but do not fear.  This blog is very much alive and kicking.  Some urgent home repairs, coaching duties, work, etc... has kept this humble reporter from, well, reporting.

What did we really miss though?  I'm told there were a few Presidential debates.  The only thing that means is there are no more and the election is almost here!!  Yippee.  Let's pick one of these clowns and move on already.

Should Obama win we can safely assume a lame duck President who fights resistance at every turn, no?

And a Romney Presidency would scare the liberals enough to fill the House and Senate with ultra left delegates rendering anything from really happening.

These days can one man (or hopefully a woman someday soon) really make a difference in the Oval Office?  This is not your Founding Father's White House.

Did George Washington have to deal with lobbyists?  Was the Lincoln/Douglas debate hijacked by questions on their respective faiths and/or views on abortion?  Once television entered the picture (sorry for bad pun) the game of politics was forever changed.

Richard Nixon had the audacity to go on film without make up in his debate against Kennedy.  Naturally, he sweat like Arod in the postseason under those hot studio lights.  JFK could have told stories of his romantic conquests for an hour and still won.  He looked better on screen damn it!

And remember James Stockdale back in 1992?  He was Ross Perot's VP candidate and one of our Navy's most highly decorated veterans.

But he may have had a hearing problem.  And he may have been a bit older than most.  Most importantly he did not play well on the small screen.

That is what defines the process now.  What did you see in the headlines this morning?  Any substantive coverage of Libya and Iran from the candidates mouths?  Or were you inundated with the zingers and gaffes that have defined this race?

"We have fewer horses and bayonets Mr Romney"  "Binders full of women."  "Please proceed."

We root for the other guy to fail more support our candidate to succeed.

Did he catch him in a lie?  Is he/she flip flopping?  Who looks more alert?  What is his wife wearing?  Will they hug at the end?  Kiss?

Is the moderator biased?  Are the pundits?

Who on Earth cares and what does it all really matter???

In a few weeks this sordid train wreck will meet it's inevitable end.

And for the vast majority of us things will remain exactly the same regardless of the outcome.

Both men will be unable to curb the price of gas or our fervent need for its usage.

They will be unable to solve the issue of global warming because how can you when some of us do not even think it exists?

Jobs will come from the private sector with or without the governments help.  Seriously, can we expect DC to come up with a plan to add high paying jobs??   And really, why should they?

Interest rates, inflation and the housing market will continue to be based on what Wall Street and the Big Banks think and do.

Grocery prices will continue to rise whether you buy organic or not.  Our children will continue to be overweight.

It's all a freaking mess and I can't be the only one who thinks it.

It will take more than these two clowns to make a difference.

Any ideas?  I nominate myself as Minister Of Concerts.

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