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Friday, May 18, 2012

What's All the Hubbub?

There were again moments of an elegant and concise piece on gay marriage and the controversy therein.

But can't that be summed up in one sentence?

Who cares???  Or...  What does it matter?  Does it really make a difference if man wants to marry man?  Is this really the social topic that will dominate this years Presidential election?  After all Romney has all the look and feel of a Ridley Scott replicant and Obama, well, has been a touch ineffective the past 4 years.

The rhetoric and discourse MUST be toward jobs creation, emphasizing math and science in our classrooms, green and/or clean energies, legitimate health care reform, obesity awareness, banking regulations, lobbyist crackdowns, alleviating the overcrowding of our prisons, eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for drug use, etc...  etc...

Where exactly does gay marriage fit in?  

Right.  It doesn't.

This great Nation of ours has a red states worth of REAL issues that need addressing.

We should not waste our collective time on what is inside a woman's body or whether that woman wants to marry her girlfriend Liz.  

That shite ain't helping pay the mortgage.  It ain't making a pint of strawberries any cheaper.  And it sure ain't making my commute to NYC any easier to digest.

Why we continue to define our political parties with social issues and not fiscal, or POLITICAL issues remains a mystery?!

We are all inherently different.  Let us embrace, not distance ourselves from that.  How could someone born and raised in Greensboro, NC possibly relate to someone born and raised in Philadelphia?  

There are sure to be some similarities but for the most part the two folks will bring a wholly different World view.  It is taught from generation to generation dating back to the 18th century.  

Now, when information and content travel at the click of a mouse we expect a uniform resolution to the sanctity of marriage?  Ya know, cause heterosexuals have done such a wonderful job keeping marriage a viable and sacrosanct institution.  

Look around your neighborhood...  or circle of friends...  relatives...  and start counting the straight marriages that have failed.

Then do the same with all those gay folks pretending to be straight in order to "fit in."

It's all very embarrassing.

And if homosexuals wanna join the fray why the hell not?

They too will benefit from lousy spousal insurance plans, cold/hurried dinners, car pools from hell, friction filled bedrooms, and overall angst.  < other marriages...  not mine ;-)

Everyone should have that right!  

Why doth we protest so much?  

Maybe because that is an easy one to decide on and the majority of real issues require longer debate... deeper thinking...  hard truths.

Caveman logic can be applied to gay marriage and its ramifications.  Me no like.  Me think wrong.

Much like my thoughts on the whole silly discussion.

Later this weekend...

Is the Facebook IPO worthwhile?  Did we really need to make Bono richer?

What summer music/tours should you be seeing?

Can the NHL supplant the NBA in viewers during my lifetime?

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