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Friday, April 27, 2012

Shameless Promotion

A good friend sent me this the other day:  The Truth

It's been about a year since this blog has become an attempt to reach a mass audience rather than mere catharsis.  The results have been mixed, at best.   But the mission remains the same.  And there are no signs of letting up.

This space is designed for many voices.  We encourage your participation and feedback.  Although primarily written from a suburban father/husbands perspective, that does not, er, should not, prevent those of all ages, demographics, etc...  to chime in.

After all, the suburbanite has a lot to learn.  Like, how does a Baby Boomer expect their kin to support there ever living, yet increasingly expensive asses over the next decade?  Stop playing golf and figure out how to support yourselves!!  We are barely able to support ourselves!!  What do you want us to do about Social Security?  Why do you continue to wear black socks with white sneakers?

And you over there, the 20 something recent college graduate.  What on Earth are you doing with yourself?  Can their be that many tech jobs out there to sustain a generation?  Will baristas ever make 100k a year?  How do you plan to solve the energy crisis?  Global warming?  The continuing success of the Kardashian's?

Us 40 somethings are very much in the middle.  Our best creative days seem to be behind us.  Should the economy rally it might provide some added security.  But if you are among the true middle class isn't it assumed you will be working until the day you die?  Does anyone rely on a pension anymore?

That's the point, isn't it?   If we are going to dig ourselves from the massive hole we find ourselves in shouldn't we ALL be communicating?

To that end we would love to hear from any and all of you.

How do you make your living?  Where do you live?  What are the biggest challenges you face day in/day out?  How do you tell your child to stand up for him or herself?  How do you correctly ask for a raise?  What is the best way to leave a job?  What are the best TV shows?  Movies?  Downloaded songs?

What can you/we/I do to make this place a better one?

Some might think it starts at the top.  Maybe we need to go all Egypt on our Government??  Let's start a revolution!  Let's demand fair trade, an emphasis on math and science in our schools, the abolishment of the two party political system (and Newt Gingrich once and for all!)

Others want bigger government.  More spending.  Healthcare provided by your friendly bureaucrat and then served with a smile.

Ok.  Have that opinion.  No telling who is right these days?  But these, and many other conversations, NEED to be had as we head into another Presidential Election.

For this columnist the journey is maybe (maybe) a little more trivial.

Work hard.  Play a little harder.

Art, film, and in particular music, will be prominently displayed here.

That is but part of the overall landscape that is 2012 America.  But what a part it is.  If not for art and culture what are we?  What am I?

That is beyond hypothetical.  Cause it will never happen.  As long as there are things like this, I'm gonna keep writing:


Ben Folds

Joe Jackson





Jack White

The National


To name but a few...

Join us?  What say you?

Kindly become a fan on Facebook:  The Guide on Facebook
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Spread the Word and continue the dialogue.  Reach out should you want to contribute.

As always thanks for the support and let's all destroy this weekend!!!

Oh, and if you have 3 Devils tickets for next Thursday be in touch ;-)

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