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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh I can go mainstream...

As someone who grew up with MTV I can easily relate to pop(ular) culture.  I was a huge Men At Work fan and vividly remember Thursday nights on NBC.  That is, Cheers and Family Ties are very much fabrics in my torn and tattered personality.

Many times Americans have their finger on quality.  It is why All in the Family and M*A*S*H stayed on the air for so long.  It is why Madonna and Michael Jackson stayed on top for decades.  It explains Twin Peaks getting picked up for more than season.  Or how the Simpsons actors were having contract issues heading into season 24.  There are moments in art that reach the masses.

It is the reason I own up to my love of ABC's Modern Family.  I also happened to enjoy Dolphin Tale thank you very much.  And don't get me started on the photo album scene from UP!.  That damn movie KILLS me!!  Same with Toy Story 3.  I am as uncomfortable watching them as say, The Human Centipede 2.

In fact I am pretty sure I can not make it through that movie, as much as I am compelled to watch it.  Roger Ebert gave it 0 Stars too!!!  It has to be good, or at least a conversation piece.  The premise is genius no?  Obsessed fan of movie wants to create a 12 person centipede using non-traditional medical equipment in non-sterile environment??  Story writes itself.

I heard a comparison to Spielberg's Schindler's List earlier this week.  Apparently HC2 is filmed in black and white and has only 1 image of color (like Spielberg's girl in red dress.)  The image of color in HC2 is, unfortunately, human waste.

I am getting ahead of myself.  Point is there are many things America has embraced over the past few months that are worthy.  Here is a list/links with some recent accomplishments.


Adele has been on the chrts and atop iTunes for about a million years.  Was sad to hear she had to cancel the US tour due to voice issues.  She can be everything Amy Winehouse aspired to.  The maturity and talent are incredible.  Many years ahead I hope.  She looks thinner in the "Someone Like You" video which gives me pause.

"Chasing Pavements"  1st album
"Rolling in the Deep"
"Someone Like You"

Take a look at how different she looks from 1st video to 3rd.  One can only hope she keeps it all together.  Let's be honest, "Someone Like You" is a totally cheesy song is ANYONE else sings it.  Background music for a bit, then she plows in with  that giant voice, and you are brought in.  Her speaking voice is good enough.   When she breaks into that Night at the Apollo stuff you are forced to take notice.

Dance Tracks/Pop:

Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Black Eyes Peas and many, many more artists continue to show sometimes you just need a hook.  As a father and someone in a car an awful lot, I get it!!

Not turning any of this off any time soon...

LMFAO "Party Rock Anthem"  Clever and fun with an infectious video.  Clearly, with 293 million views, I am not alone.  We happen to love robot head dancer in our household.  I am urging my daughter to go as him for Halloween.

Swedish House Mafia "Save the World"   A mere 29 viewers but these guys are playing MSG in a few months.  Oh, and if you like dogs you can't go wrong.

Hoe Chelle Rae "Tonight, Tonight"  Don't know who they are, don't care.  Every 2 or 3 years this song is released.  Only the names change...  Snow, Dead Eyed Dick, Right, Said Fred, Mike Posner, ...

Cobra Starship "U Make me Feel"  Dare you to not tap your feet.

Boy, I am realizing I can do this for a long time.  I haven't even mentioned Usher, Katy Perry or Rhianna yet.  Forget that...  let's move on.

Viral Videos

Ohio University Marching Band "Party Rock Anthem"  Fun, fun stuff.

Girl surprised at Disney trip.  We are rarely if ever this happy to see anything these days.  Good to be reminded there are still times of overwhelming happiness in the World.

OK Go "Here it Goes Again"  Today bands have to do anything they can to get attention.  This is a particularly effective way.  Music videos continue to push creative limits and entertain.

Some other good ones:
Mute Math "Blood Pressure"  Made in one night using stop-motion photography and conceived by the bands drummer.  What did you do last night?

Death Cab for Cutie "You are a Tourist"  Billed as the first ever "live scripted" video it is both inspired and ambitious.


CSI (original) was a nice moment for mainstream TV.  It reinvigorated the police drama and was atop the Nielsen's for a long time.

It did bring David Caruso back to our screens so I can understand letting that get to you.

Showtime's Dexter and a great deal of HBO programming has remained consistent while remaining smart.

Now I am just getting lazy.

It's the problem with trying to cram 10 hours of thought into 45 minutes of writing.  I have a tendency to write sloppy.

Apologies.  I also failed to visit "Occupy Wall St" like I wanted to this week.  I will make a better effort next week.  The perils of a day job, and parenting, and yada yada...

For now I head back to one of those other occupations.

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