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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Caveman rocks CMJ and assorted ramblings...

The suburbanite must not acquaint him or herself with every nuanced music mag on Earth.  Hell, if you take a look at Spin or Rolling Stone, consider that a good thing.

This will not account for the wealth of knowledge that does exist.  There are several sources promoting, covering and chronicling the state of "new" alternative music.  Should you desire search and/or bookmark these sites:  The Fader:  Brooklyn Vegan:  Stereogum:  They have a competent and knowledgeable staff more than able to keep you abreast of all things non-Taylor Swift.  One organization, CMJ, was kind enough to host a film and music fest last week all around NYC.

Tons of bars, hotels, and restaurants made room for up-and-coming artists to strut their stuff.  Greater than the admission price (free most, if not all times) was the show times.  Granted, there is no way on Earth an 11pm start time is conducive to the 8am train next day.  A Saturday double bill of 2pm and 4pm is quite nice thank you very much.  Also, quite a lovely thing to frolic the Lower East Side on a lovely October afternoon.  Where else would you see this???

The real beauty took place inside Pianos Lounge and Fontana's when NYC band Caveman once again destroyed their 40 minute set.  Promoting their amazing debut CoCo Beware, Caveman (comprised of singer/guitarist Matthew Iwanusa, bassist Jeff Berrall, drummer Stefan Marolachakis, and guitarists Jimmy "Cobra" Carbonetti and Sam Hopkins) brought the funk, rock and tribal beats that define them.  The story is in its earliest chapters.  The prevailing thought is several volumes remain.  To jump on board check out on of these concerts.  Next week is a tremendous opportunity as they play (for free with RSVP) at Brooklyn Bowl.  11.2 8pm show.  For more info try here:  They also have a very informative Facebook page:  Join the bandwagon.  Coldplay's latest can wait.  Plus, you cannot avoid hearing that album.  Go find one that takes work and will provide some pleasure once listened to.

Odds and Ends:

Speaking of Coldplay,  why such contempt hipsters??  Is it the Gwyneth connection?  Should Chris Martin not named his kid "Apple" would have give him more a pass?  Are they the Nickleback of the Alt World?  Was it the "Today" show concert?  The MTV VMA appearance when they come off as the successors to U2??  The military jacket Martin wears?  Their commercial success??

Couldn't be the songs, could it?

You liked "Yellow" and its imaginative video way back when.  You hum along to "Talk" or "Speed of Sound" if you are alone in your car.  You watched his "60 Minutes" interview and admitted to yourself that they all seemed like decent chaps.

It's the over-exposure isn't it??  Not their fault.

It happened to Foo Fighters earlier in the year.  It will happen to Katy Perry and Lady GaGa at some point.  Nickelback and The Script are due too, right???

Hate the game, not the player.

The music business is not what it once was.  While the window for success is still limited and near impossible to attain, the rewards have become exceedingly smaller.   How many more bands out there will be able to make the millions Coldplay has/is?  What is a platinum record worth these days?  Record executives will push their product down your unsuspecting ears to make a point (read:dime.)

It happens at all levels too.  It is the reason you have had enough of LMFAO, and Cee-Lo Green, or Wilco, or Radiohead.  If an A&R man or Program Director wants you to hear something, you will here it (over and over again.)

Coldplay, and others, might not have the repertoire to sustain such heavy airplay.  You could argue the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin should not be heard in such rotation.  Would you rather hear "Sympathy for the Devil?" before something released this year?  If yes, why?  2011 has been a terrific year in music.  Start moving forward.

Same can be said with Major League baseball.  The World Series has been terrific and last night brought up a very interesting dilemma.

Tony LaRussa brought in a relief pitcher to intentionally walk someone.  Turns out the bullpen misunderstood his phone call and warmed up the wrong pitcher.  In the age of cell phones and texting it is confounding that at the games grandest stage managers are using relic landlines to convey vital messages.

Why not use cans and string?

Larussa Text:  Please warm up Motte/Confirm please

Bullpen Text:  Motte warming up.  Confirmed.

Last night Larussa phoned (as we are made to believe) and asked for Motte.  The bullpen apparently heard Rzepczynski.  Oh, he is a lefty and Motte is a righty.  Big problem.

They lost the game as they should have.  Larussa blamed crowd noise and anyone or anything other than him.  Truth is the game needs to move forward a bit.  The NFL uses sophisticated electronic devices for play calling, communication to booths above and a fair amount of cheating.

Bad enough these managers have to wear uniforms like the players...  can a brother get an Iphone???

We get that taken care of then I might turn my attention to getting rid of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.

Is this the crew Fox thinks can bring in male viewers aged 20-60.  One, is an egotistical egg head who has a diminishing voice and the other a relic from a time when the game was played with integrity.

Pat Summerall was ushered away when he did not play well on TV.  There is no problem with agism in television.  The medium is designed to look and sound good.  It is why the Kardashians and Real Housewives get ratings.  Entertain us and be attractive, clever and smart when you are doing it.  Or, in some cases, be ugly, ignorant and dumb to achieve the same thing.

If you rest somewhere in the middle America really has no use for you.  Next year give me The Situation as play by play man and David Wright as my color man.  We all know he will be available in October.

5 can't miss things this week:

Givers:  "Meantime"   Can listen to this all day.

Deerhunter:  "Desire Lines"  See above

Dawes:  "A Little Bit of Everything"  If you have anything in your soul this song will move you

Wilco:  "Born Alone"

Caveman:  "Vampirer/Old Friend"  Their shining moment during each live show.  Legislation in Brooklyn has started suggesting every band must finish with an interpretation of this.  The "yeahs" should have it.

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