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Friday, January 31, 2014

A Cure For What Ails You...

You know you want one

We need to bring back the cocktail hour.

I don't mean getting wasted on shots. I don't mean absently draining a glass of pinot grigio while you stare at your iPad.

I mean taking an hour at the end of the day, sometime after work and before dinner, and having a drink 

Okay, maybe two, but that's it.

I mean having a drink with some character and history. A Tom Collins. A Rusty Nail. Or get your Don Draper on and have an Old Fashioned. Maybe, like The Dude, you can abide with a White Russian. 

If the day or week have been particularly trying, Bond with a vodka martini --- shaken, not stirred.

Sip, don't gulp.

And I don't mean alone. With other people. 

Greet them heartily. A handshake is a must. Hug, if you want. Kiss, if you dare.

Have a conversation. Tell a story. Tell a joke.

(Whatever happened to jokes? Smothered by political correctness? Or did we Tweet the wit out of ourselves?)

Talk about something unrelated to how you make your living. Talk about your kids. Re-live a glory day from your youth, or from yesterday.

Finish your drink. Maybe have another. But only maybe.

Say your goodbyes. Wish everyone well. Say, "See you next time".

Shed the day like an old skin, and move on to dinner.

Until next time.

Who will join me?

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