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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This Month Over Yet?

The past few weeks have included 8 basketball games, an open house, several other house appointments, work, work, car pools, work, etc..

No concerts!  No blogging!  Very little fun.

Sorry for the radio silence.  The concert schedule heats up in March and there have been many new finds along over the past few weeks.  Look for another "Best of" music post late next week.  The Strokes and My Bloody Valentine either have, or will be releasing new records this year.  Add the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to the list and 2013 is well on its way to superb (in terms of tunes.)  Justin Timberlake too!!  Come on now!  New Kids and Bell Biv Defoe are touring together this summer aren't they?  Has Eazy E been brought back to life so the World can see an NWA reunion tour.  Otherwise we will be forced to watch Ice T continue to lose all street cred making soda ads and starring in zany romps.

Did anyone watch the Grammys?  Does anyone care?  The winter awards are all so aribitrary.  But no awards show is more so than this overwrought, bloated extravaganza.  Mash ups are all the rage over the past few broadcasts.  We know you were all clamoring for Elton John and Ed Sheeran.  Sting came back from the tantric dead to bring Bruno Mars back to Earth.  For every piece of brilliance (see Jack White) there was nonsense (Frank Ocean.)  What is the deal with Ocean?  And Kendrick Lamar for that matter?

Sure I am a white boy from the suburbs.  But I dig ALL music.  I grew up with Reverend Run and Chuck D like my NJ brethren.  The R & B and hip hop game totally escapes me today.  At least Chris Brown was beaten (and apparently miffed) that Ocean beat him out of an award.  What songs should I be listening to and why?  I saw both Lamar and Ocean on SNL and failed to make it a minute for either.

These are the biggest names in the game and it baffles me.

Rhianna I get.  Katy Perry I get.  Carrie Underwood I get.  Help me here please.

That will do for now.  I am sure an agent is going to call in a few minutes to see the house.  There is NOTHING more annoying than selling a house.  We keep a clean house, but not 100% of the time.  We have pets too, that need to be scarce.  And what of the valuables?

Note:  when you walk through a home follow these rules.  1) Keep things exactly as is.  If a door is closed when you enter, close it when you leave.  2) Watch your kids EVERY second.  Toys should not be played with.  Drawers should not be opened.  Paint should NOT be spilled on floors?

How does that even happen?  Do not use the bathrooms either.  Save your dirty business for your own homes.  It is rude enough we have to use our own bathrooms, the last thing we want is strangers using them.

You get 30 minutes, tops.  What could you be looking at for an hour??  Really???

Who are all the people who go to Open Houses for the hell of it?  What kind of voyeur is this?  Mostly neighbors, right?

If we did not invite you in the last 10 years it was for a reason.  Don't barge in now!  I do not care how you live, please do not care about how we do.

It is almost over.  It is almost over.  The ends far than exceed the means.  If not now, when?

Sure it is trivial and we are fortunate to be in the situation we are in.  But manners are manners, right?

Join the conversation and become a fan/follower.

Throw some topics our way too if you can.  What is bugging you?  What are you totally into right now?  Are you scared of North Korea?  Thoughts on Obama's State of The Union?  Is LeBron James the greatest player ever?  What will be the Best Picture at the Oscars?  What should be the Best Picture?

Thanks all for your continued support.  Over 50k pageviews now and going strong.  Well, going forward.

Editors Note:

Totally forgot I could not force the people out sooner because I had dog shit all over my clothes.  The bag I had with me had a hole in it so my sweatshirt and pants were covered in feces.  Classy.  Let's hope today is a little better.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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