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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yeah, I remember

Seriously, could you ever forget?  Driving into Manhattan and seeing smoke flying from the Tower.  Listening to 1010 Wins talk about a small aircraft accident.  Then the second plane.  Then the reports.  And watching them fall.  The aftermath.  The eerie drives through the Holland for weeks, months after.  An almost Thunderdome feel to Lower Manhattan.  Quiet remembrance.  First responders.  Mike Piazza home runs.  Wars that continue to this day.  Economic fallout we may never break out of.  A day does not go by I "Never Forget."  The day it doesn't is the day I stop breathing.  Oh, and did I mention the daughter that resulted in the new found free time my wife and I had in the days after.  I take one look into her naive and pure eyes and I am reminded.

And that is a large reason I turned off the coverage this weekend.  I need not see the oversized flags draped over a football field.  TAPS and name readings will more than likely make me sad and angry.  Conspiracy theory documentaries and news footage of the event do nothing for me either.

You know how to politely tell Bin Laden, his cronies, and any and everybody that wants to reign on my freedom parade to F off?  Live American.

Local pee wee football Friday night.  Check.

Big, greasy pork filled Jersey diner breakfast. Check.

Outstanding Hollywood film on its release weekend.  Check.  And by the way, go see Contagion (  Say what you will about what tools Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow are (and they are.)  They are exceptional MOVIE STARS.  Put aside the Red Sox affinity and Coldplay/bad baby naming nonsense and enjoy.  Steven Soderbergh has a real gem here.  I can even put aside the slights given toward bloggers and internet rumors this film is heavy on.

The story is strong and relevant.  The cast is first rate and energized.  And Soderbergh covers all the bases with art direction, cinematography and score.  It may be 10 minutes long but every movie these days is.  Go get a giant bag of candy and popcorn...  drink a big infidel soda...  and drop $12 in an oversized multiplex with hundreds of strangers to see this movie.

Then, after your giant dinner and dessert back home, kick your shoes up and watch some football.

Be it Notre Dame finding every possible way to lose a game.  Or maybe you like rooting against Rex Ryan and his big, foot loving mouth?  Me too.

Not a sports fan?  Read a non-censored book.  Go to a website that catches your interest.  Online shop.  Take a walk downtown.  Do whatever the hell you want to.  And when you do, channel your inner Charlie Sheen.

Always remember, never forget, but keep living!!!  Only then will we be winning.

Now, excuse me while I grab a beer and watch millionaires go beat the hell out of one another.

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