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Monday, September 19, 2011

Hitting the Wall (but pushing through it)

At some point it is bound to happen.  Work, and school, and 2 hours drives to travel soccer games, and unfortunate hospital visits, and nursing my poor wife back to health, packing lunches, homework, bla, bla, freaking bla.

It's the same for a great many of us so I am not really bitchin about it.  I do love fall and am hoping I can get a day to rake leaves and enjoy a football game in its entirety.  Better yet, can I see the Red Sox fully implode and miss the playoffs???  That would make up for the misery my Astros and Seahawks have and will put me through.

Some quick hits:  

Can I please see Manny Pacquaio fight Floyd Mayweather Jr??  I have had enough of his mouth and undefeated record.  Once and for all he needs to be put in his place.  Too bad Larry Merchant wasn't 50 years younger like he suggested Saturday night.  Take a look:   Also, is this a cheap shot or should Ortiz have known better??  What a weird way to end a fight.  Glad I did not drop the $50 to watch live.   I try and defend boxing and have yet to watch an MMA fight but how long can I win this battle?  The heavyweight game is a joke and if this is the best pound for pound fighter what am I to do?  Where have you gone Hagler/Hearns???

I think I want to put an end to political bumper stickers and/or magnets.  It is bad enough I have to deal with OBX or LBI magnets all over town.  But today I saw a paw on the back of a Lexus with the words "My dog attacks Democrats."

Ok, let's assume for a moment that this is true.  Can I then prosecute you and put your dog down for this seemingly unsolicited attack?  What will the defense be?  The defendant believes in Planned Parenthood and big government so I sicked Fido on his ass.  Yeah, that's sound judgement.

I want to be on board with Republicans or Democrats (since they are all we have), but this kind of douchery will never be accepted.  Save your Jesus Fish and I brake for Tea Party nonsense for the sanctity of your heartless and soulless den.  I am sure the Moose head hanging over your big screen tv will get a kick out of it.   Oh, and lest you think I hate only Right loving freak-shows think again.  I want an end to bike enthusiasts with the "One Less Car" sticker plastered about their pretentious rides.  Um, I need and love my car.  I would not have been able to bike to Pennsylvania this weekend, then back to upstate NJ, then home, within 24 hours.  Sure, we can conserve some energy here and there.  But cars are just fine thank you very much.  I am all for alternative energies to fuel them.  Until then look for me filling up as needed.  

Cars, I suppose, are an extension of your personality.  That said, if you are a Kool-Aid drinking tool,  do you want complete strangers to know that?  You can guess my feelings regarding vanity license plates right?  GR8.

Finally, a moment on my commute into NYC.  Today the tolls went up to $12 at the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels.  Other river crossings were affected too, but for my purposes those 2 are my lifeblood. Now, I have had the debate before and I hear all the naysayers.  Just take the train in.  Not so easy, and maybe more expensive or comparable.  

Round trip ticket is $22 a day.  Parking is $400 a year.  First train I can take after I drop my daughter off is around 8:40am.  I would get to the office around 10am and then have to leave on a 3:00 train to pick her up.  Note, the additional time after 2:45 at school is $8 to $10 bucks an hour.  

Either way you cut it the expense is astronomical.  I can park in NYC for about $15 and I figure the daily car wear and tear/gas is about $15.  Round it off to $50 and compare that with both my wife and I commuting in and you realize my dilemma.  

When does the middle class get a break again?  Which is the party that represents our needs?  

I just want to work and live comfortably.  I am not asking for millions or a fairy tale.  Our credit scores are in the high 700s but it means nothing.  Congrats for paying your bills and keeping the economy afloat...  now go get your shine box and do it again tomorrow.

Bitter I am.  Probably just this:  I do like the retort too:

It's all good.  Office Space always puts me in a good mood.  I have some hoops later that will surely be entertaining.  I can root real hard for the Rams to beat the Giants tonight and for the Red Sox to fall on their face.  I can hope the UN General Assembly does not interfere with my City driving the next few days.  Really, do all these dignitaries need to come into Manhattan???  Ok, wait, I am getting angry again.

No, it's cool, really.  After all, look at all the good music that is out there these days.  Here are some feel good pics from our endless driving this past weekend:  

"Moves Like Jagger"  Wife's latest guilty pleasure.  Perhaps in her weak state she was more vulnerable than usual.  Needless to say she is smitten with Adam Levine and can no longer make fun of Maroon 5.

"Where I'm Going"  I just like that my daughter keeps telling people that she "heard this live" at last week's Cut Copy show.  So damn cute, and a great song.

"Lucky Now"  Ryan Adams in love, sober and happy.  It will take some getting used to but boy can he write a song.

"Different"  Another pic from the mrs.  She has had plenty of Kathie Lee/Hoda/VH1 time.  So, naturally she knows who Ximena Sarinana is.  And that JLo is w/ Bradley Cooper and DWTS starts tonight...  etc...

For the record, I will bring up the debate of Chaz Bono participating on that show at some point.  I heard Dr. Keith Ablow debate the merits of a transgender playing to the masses might be detrimental to our youth.  It is something to think about as he/she/it twirls around a scantily clad woman tonight.  You let me know how it looks.  And I will try and pick up the debate later.

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