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Friday, June 27, 2014

Rules of Summer (Best of June, 2014)

It's not really a summer "break."  In fact, you could argue these days are more aggravating, and fleeting.  Is it easier that your kid doesn't have a set place to be for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week?  Sure, some of you transition your children right into camps that last anywhere from 3 days or until September.  But that is hard work too.  You have to find the right fit, at the right cost.   And then get all the stuff you want to get done while they are away.  Don't kid yourself- that is a deadline.

Work hasn't stopped either.  (more) Deadlines, anxious clients, and the unhinged co-workers you would like to escape from, most likely never leave.

You try to expedite the minutiaa so you can enjoy all that sunshine.  We passed the longest day already, right?  Was it last weekend?  Damn.  The days are already getting darker,right.? I try not to think of November afternoons that darken around 4pm. But they are coming!!

No!  Seize the day.  I even managed a walk before the work day this morning.  Of course, a stranger pushing his infant boy felt compelled to inform me "It looked like I had a rough night."   Thanks random stranger!!

Um, I kinda didn't.  Home early, better than average sleep, early shower, and up and at em.

What is it I look like?  Felt pretty good actually.

the writer enjoys breakfast

Whatever, I'm still gonna rock this bitch.

But wait, this isn't a camp day.  How is she going to be emotionally when she wakes up?  Are friends around or will I have to come up with about 4 hours of activity?  And what about food?  Will I have enough?

The day to day struggles and many joys, aren't going anywhere.  Like all the seasons, summer is about time management and setting realistic expectations.

There are also rules.

1)  Get a third party opinion on your choice of swimwear.  I dig that you are confident and secure with your body.  But there are things that should not be seen in public.  Things you cannot unsee.  That goes for me too.  I plan on wearing the latest Haz Mat bathing suit.

2) Posting pictures.  Refer to rule 1) in particular.  But let's all be extra careful about oversharing.  New locations or the first day of your holiday are great.  We do not, however, need to see every breakfast, or every monument.  It's cool, you are away.  But I don't do the tour guide stuff when I go away.  Watch, I am going away next week and I am gonna be a total d bag over sharer.  *insert band pic here.  * dinner spot  * feet at the pool  * head in sand  * baseball stadium  * zoo/museum  * 3 generations of something  * 99% of people can't watch this video for 5 seconds  * shameless Buzz Feed poll  * onion headline.

3)  While we are talking about the beach, another reminder.  Boom boxes are off limits.   Its hard enough to find time to play music.  Now, with everyone having headphones, you decide to bring the Casio and play the Hits (n)one FM channel.  I would never force my shit on dozens of strangers.  Thats called a party.  And you didn't invite me...  and I didn't show up uninvited.  We are all here.  And sometimes we don't like what you like.

4)  No power tools til 9am.  Yeah, yeah, yeah...  I know what you are gonna say.  "Its the only time the landscaper can come." or "Its my only time off that week."  Probably both fair points.  But I am sleeping.  I get maybe 4 Saturdays a year I can stay in bed until 8am.  I will help you even, like 7pm or something.  Hell, you can pay me and I might have time to do it during the week- ya know, business hours.

5) No fireworks after 11pm.  Or whatever.  Do what you want.

Don't forget to build on your summer soundtrack too.  Iggy Azelea and Lil Jon don't need your help.  They have a young fan base and 30 somethings need not apply.  Take command of the Volvo's dial and check some of these tunes out.  The Best of 2014 (so far) can be found here.  Like the page, connect, join the conversation.  And whatever your quest is this summer make it amazing!

Happy Summer all.


Boy & Bear "Southern Sun"

Aussie Aussie Aussie.  Soft folk rock!!!  Formed in 2009 the South Wales rockers have 2 very successful albums- a World away.  They are making a name for themselves with this 70s California guitar inspired, smile inducing, road song.  It speaks of "waiting for the day/to be able to run."  If that does not define the first days of summer- at least for kids leaving school.

Lana Del Rey "Brooklyn Baby"

It is clear Ms Del Rey is a contrivance.  She burst onto the indie scene a few years back with her debut record, Born to Die.  She appeared on Saturday Night Live.  Critics in the alt world revolted.  It was in part due to her failed pop act Lizzy Grant (her birth name.)  They pointed to her transformation into moody, pout stricken ingenue.  "It wasn't authentic!" they cried.
They might still protest- but her follow up, Ultraviolence, is a wonderful record.  Like Boy $ Bear she borrows a lot from 70s LA- "West Coast" for instance is a blatant "Edge of Seventeen" ripoff.  Black Keys' Dan Auerbach produced the record in Nashville and its hillbilly roots are quite visible.  This song, a goofy mediation on millennial hipsters (yeah Williamsburg, she is talking to you) is just great.  Weird all that transformation works in the pop world (Madonna, Britney, Miley).  But when a girl goes from pop to alt- Fader and Pitchfork be trippin.

Milky Chance "Stolen Dance"

OK, German pop-folk, reggae, electronica.  Maybe that is why I protested this song so much.  After all, it was released about a year ago.  I like it way more than the German soccer team, that's for sure.  They better not win the World Cup!  But man, they are friggin talented.  Like a machine I tell ya.  But who can watch those games and think they are nothing more than WWE Mondays.  Men writhing in pain and grabbing each other for 90 minutes.  Refs who seem in on the joke and pull cards out of their pockets and send them to their room.  Expect them to make fair calls?  HA!!  Its cool the US moved on- but lets be honest, they should have won the damn group.  Bradley's play at midfield against Portugal cost us a certain win.  Then to back in after losing to said Germans.  That's kinda lame.  I.  I believe.  I believe we are still on the outside looking in.  Go prove me wrong!!

Big Data (featuring Joywave) "Dangerous"

I like the fact that Big Data wrote the content of their Wikipedia page.  It might be more original than this song.  Beeps and boops with a catchy hook.  Sometimes that is all you need.

Waters "Got to My Head"

San Francisco rockers who sound an awful lot like Grouplove.  That is all

Spoon "Rent I Pay"

Britt Daniel is a force.  And his Austin band, Spoon, is back!  In August they will release their 8th studio album, They Want My Soul.  That is very good news for those who like guitar music.  Its hard to find these days.  For every Jack White there are a dozen Jason Derulo's and Adam Levine's.  Not putting those guys down, just saying they are way more popular.  Ok yes, I am putting those guys down.  Why are they more famous???

OK Go "Writing's on the Wall"

At this point, Chicago alt-rockers OK Go are more known for their visual work, than they are their songs.  Their latest project, is an art nerd/film geek's wet dream.  They have come a long way from the treadmill video.    Take a look.

Grimes "Go"

Rhianna turned this one down.  Hmm.  Has Grimes lost her touch??  This is definitely a huge lead toward dub step, which should raise eyebrows.  What say you?

Parquet Courts "Black and White"

Post-punk rock from Brooklyn.  Their latest effort brings a bit more horn to the party.  The results are post-punk and ska, as evidenced here.  "Black and White" is an appropriate title.  There is little nuance here.  What you hear, is what you get.  If what you like is power chords, booming bass, and hastily shouted ramblings this is your scene.

Sam Smith Live at Letterman "Stay With Me"

As David Letterman begins his farewell tour it should be noted he has ALWAYS been a champion of the alt music world.  Kimmel and Fallon would be nowhere without him.  It is a big reason I could never take NBC seriously.  You hitched your wagon to uncool folks (Leno?  Really?)  His reactions to artists has always been fun.  Recently he gushed over the Orwells and asked the Dum Dum Girls if they could come back every night.  When Smith performed his mega hit Letterman was left fumbling for words.  This guy (Boy George's doppleganger, right?) can bring it.  What an amazing voice.

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