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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Surviving February

I feel you Mr Torrance.  Haven't I always been the caretaker???
This was to be the year of positivism.  Although someone who never really bought in to resolutions it was my intention to look on the brighter side of things.   Growing older allows for certain luxuries you might not have in your youth.  For one, you may be forced to spend time with someone you would ordinarily might not associate yourself with.

At age 40 you should be able to call the shots as to who you are surrounded by.  That does not count employment, obviously.  Fortunate is the person that loves his job.  Better still that person that loves both job AND co-workers.  

My job is not the worst thing in the World.  And I happen to dig where I live (or rather its proximity to NYC) so money is kind of important.  That, and apparently we have to spend about 40k a year for middle school.  Suburban white person problem, right?  Well what can I say?  I am a suburban white person, in the most suburban of towns.  The goal is to have your kid succeed where you might not have.  A brother has got to try.

I am not socializing with my co-workers though.  It's fine.  They are ok enough people.  But they don't like the same things I do.  They have their own families, and lives.  It is totally cool.

This winter I haven't had a chance to even try.  Mother Nature has been a monster in the Northeast.  Winter is cool and all.  My youth was spent in gyms playing basketball, so the elements were never really an issue.  Skiing, skating and all that outdoor winter stuff, was unheard of.  All I can think about is how cold my feet and hands would be.  Who wants that??!!  I know, lots of you.

That is why you are glued to tv sets watching the snore fest they call The Olympics.  How do you find the events?  Far as I can tell Bob Costas has an eye infection, Bode Miller cried, the gender line has been further blurred in the figure skating competition, Pussy Riot got arrested and whipped, people had to break out of bathrooms, its raining and warm, and athletes continue to be injured due to unsafe conditions.  Oh, and Russia's hockey team is out.  Their game with the US was an overrated dud.  Seriously folks, shoot outs do not make for a classic game.  Nor do preliminary round games littered with NHL talent.  

As for the games, they are hidden between product placements, sad sack profiles and meaningless set pieces.  The press has become the story.  And I am tuned out.

Back to the snow.  There is a lot of it.  And after 40 the shoveling episodes, especially in such abundance, are tiresome chores with the power to smack a bitch (I am the bitch in this poorly constructed imagery.)  

And now it is melting.  Where will it go?  Was that water mark always on the floor?  Will the basement hold up?

Who, in their right mind, thought homeownership was a good idea?  With every weather related event the angst deepens.  

Since Thanksgiving my daughter has been in school for about 4 days.  The added expense was something I had not factored in when the school year began.  Oh well.

Her hoops season has provided some rays of hope.   It all happens close to town, and for not nearly enough time.  

Once I get in a groove something pisses me off.  

The Grammy's sucked.  Philip Seymour Hoffman's death and the media maelstrom that continues sucked.  The State of the Union sucked.  Bridge-gate sucks.  

I am in a rut.  I can't muster the energy to binge watch True Detective on HBO or the new season of House of Cards.  Sleepless nights are spent watching Property Brothers and repeats of Modern Family.  Have I thrown in the cards?

Not quite.  The winter of discontent will soon end.  Pitchers and catchers are practicing in Florida (and ok, Arizona too.)

The live music scene is gearing up as well.  You should always having something to look forward to. And you should not be hanging around anyone who brings you down.  That is the mantra of 2013.

Who will join us on our next events???  Only good people wanted for Cocktail Hours:  The next event will be very soon.  You know where to find us.

And in terms of the concert season.  We plan on covering these events over the next few months.

To name a few.  Come join us.  Together we can make seasonal depression a thing of the past.

Or at the very least drink enough to forget it.

Matt Berninger at The National will be performing at Brooklyn's Prospect Park this June.  You should really be there.

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