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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Left Wing Conservative - Disaster Relief

The recent, heartbreaking destruction from the tornado in Oklahoma once again has disaster relief on the front pages.

As a citizen of New Jersey, I continue to be grateful for the support we received from all over the country after Hurricane Sandy. And, while admittedly not his biggest fan, I gave Governor Christie props for putting New Jersey first and partisan politics and his national political ambitions aside in criticising his fellow Republicans in Congress for delaying, and in some instances, voting against, Hurricane Sandy relief.

One of the most vocal opponents of Hurricane Sandy relief was Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe, who voted against the bill, calling it "loaded with pork".

Now, he sees the request for relief for Oklahoma as "totally different". Do tell.

As a citizen of New Jersey, I am fortunate to live in, like California and New York, an affluent state. However, by most estimates New Jersey also has the worst return on investment on tax dollars (about 62 cents on the dollar) sent to the Feds v. Federal largess returned to New Jersey.

And I note that Oklahoma gets upwards of $1.36 back to their state for every federal tax dollar they pay.

From a purely moral standpoint, if someone is in need, and we have the ability to help, then we have a duty to help.

However, from a political standpoint, I more and more question whether federally centralized taxing and spending is the right approach.

More to come on this topic soon. Look for my upcoming post "Against Big Government"...

New York Daily News Article on Imhofe

Info from Tax Foundation on States "Return on Investment" on federal taxes 1981-2005

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  1. Doc,

    We can't let fuck-tards like Inhofe get in the way of what we know to be right. Our fellow citizens need our help and we should do our part to ease their suffering.