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Friday, April 5, 2013

Vacation, All I ever wanted...

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
It's been admittedly quiet here at the blog this "Spring."  Winter has not let up, both in weather and aggravation.   Between work, school, coaching, and the altogether miserable experience of buying/selling a home, trivial posts on music, politics and entertainment have gone unwritten.  That is far from a complaint though.  Tis what it tis.   Although I do enjoy the catharsis writing provides.  Here then is an attempt to get back into it.

Music is once again on the agenda.  Maybe its the sunny day, or promise of a pending vacation, or just an overall feeling of calm that brings a smile to this authors face.  Who cares how it got there?  Here is hoping it stays.

Mortality is an ongoing theme in my world this week.  There was an impromptu trip "home" mid-week as a loved one underwent major heart surgery.  Then yesterday the news that Roger Ebert passed.  North Korea and the diminutive new leader seem hell bent on inflicting unprecedented harm too.  It is all so delicate.

This week I spent time fondly remembering my childhood and looking forward to my future, both immediate and long term.  More often than not music provides the inspiration.  With less than 24 hours until wheels up on a long overdue vacation, and motivated slightly by Paste Magazine's Best of 2013 (so far), please take a look/listen at the 2013 Springtime Super Mix.  As always it can be found on Spotify if you subscribe.

Have a great weekend all and catch ya'll in a week or so.

Violent Femmes "Add It Up"  Long live the 80s!  On long drives I find myself listening to 80s on 8.  For every bad Phil Collins or Billy Ocean song, there are gems too.  This one brings to mind Suzuki Samurai joy rides to high school football games, fall foliage, first kisses, and innocent times.  Funny, since in 1983 this was an anti-innocent song.  Hard to believe this track is 30! years old.

Cayucas "Cayucos"  While not technically the same name, it is darn close.  It's kinda like Bad Company singing "Bad Company."  That bugs me for some reason.  The song however is super groovy.  This buzz band from the left coast releases its debut record in the coming weeks.  Get to know them,

U2 "Heartland"  More nostalgia.  Thoughts of 25th St Budco cinema to watch Rattle and Hum.  Thoughts of pretentious lead singer Bono, not pretentious philanthropist Bono.  Quite simply an amazing rock and roll love song.

Waxahatchee "Peace and Quiet"  A few chords and a big voice can go a long way.  This has a 90s attitude (think Liz Phair, PJ Harvey, Cat Power.)  Will be on many top songs of the year lists when 2013 is over.

Joe Jackson "Breaking Us in Two" Jackson's 1982 record Night and Day remains one of my favorite of all time.  It/he is one of the only performers my dad and I agree on.  He must have played "Steppin Out" a thousand times on the 33 I bought him for Christmas.  This track is the real stand out.   Sadness and harsh realities here folks.  Sometimes there just isn't a happy ending.  But the song is evidence of superlative songwriting.

Billy Clyro "Black Chandelier"  I am still somewhat on the fence here.  I hate the intro.  His voice sounds much like Brandon Boyd from Incubus (who I can't stand!)  The image in the video is NOT how I pictured the band.  There are a lot of questions.  Yet, when I hear it I don't turn it off.  And in my darkest moments I may even hum along.  I submit, I suppose.  You?

English Beat "Save It For Later"  Cheeky British ska done to perfection.  Nuff said.

Foxygen "No Destruction"  These West Coasters cancelled their European tour after a mini meltdown at last months SXSW.  It ain't easy to handle the rigors of making music these days.  Tours. Press. Tours. Press.  It never ends.  They have but one album that has been received more than favorably and they are finding the waters rough.  All that being said this track is darn good.

Icicle Works "Whisper to A Scream (Birds Fly)"  In the infancy of music video all you needed was a sound stage, wind machine, and fake leaves.  Does the drum beat sounds an awful like Bow Wow Wow's "I Want Candy?"  One of the most underplayed and underrated songs of the decade.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Sacrilege"  Karen O plus a gospel chorus?  Karen O with some 70s style Curtis Mayfield guitar fills?  The song is one thing...  the sexually charged video is quite another.  Their new LP is weeks away from release and this song has established itself as one of the years best.

The GoGos "Vacation"  Cause I am on one...  effective, NOW!!

added bonus:  Hate the song, but need your input. Why is this being played???

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