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Friday, August 3, 2012

Much Adieu About Chicken?

Look, the Chik-Fil-A thing comes down to a few simple things, right?

A private company, owner, etc...  can think or believe anyway they want, right?  And the Bill of Rights guarantees he or she can express those thoughts, however bigoted, anyway they choose?

The same freedoms can be expressed by the masses of fast food lovers we call Americans.  You don't like the message and want to boycott the fried goodness?  Then go right ahead.  No one is forcing you to eat this stuff!  Throw a rock in Anytown, USA and chances are you will hit a fried chicken store.

The other, bigger issue, is would you want your opinions known if you were the head of a company?  That is, you run the risk of alienating a large customer base should they not agree with your views.

At first glance you would think keeping things close to the vest might be more appropriate.  But watching the turnout of fast food loving, queer hating chicken mongers one can argue this methodology is pretty sound.

After all, we have divided this Country in half in every imaginable way, why not with our greatest passion, fried food.  Tell the World your view, even if it is narrow, and let the chips(potato, not poker) fall where they may.

There are two parties.  There are two viewpoints.  There are two opinions.

Left and right.  Conservative and liberal.  Right and Wrong.  Well, the last one is clearly up for debate, if we knew how to do that anymore.

We have become so fixated on separating one another rather than embracing each others differences.  It's crazy.  Worse, it's counterproductive.

If we cannot work together, or understand each others viewpoints, how on Earth will we start digging ourselves out of the financial ruin we find ourselves in?

Let the Chicken man hate and let the gay folks marry.  If there is room for so many fast food chains there has to be room for all this nonsense to coexist.

Now, tell me, when do we start talking about alternative fuel sources, gun violence, the importance of math and science in schools, how Ryan Lochte is overrated...  ya know, the important stuff?

Oh wait, I think the creepy Burger King mascot is having a press conference regarding immigration reform.  That promises to be a Whopper.


If we are going to be outraged about anything Chik Fil A does shouldn't it be their weird ass commercials with the cows who can't spell?  Who are the ad wizards that came up with that?


  1. Too late - Hamburgler up and stole his microphone...

  2. I agree on the free speech angle of this. What disturbs me is that the Chick Fil A company has given $2 million in funding and donations to anti-gay groups, including one which claims to be able to "cure" homosexuality. $2 Million buys a lot of hate and political power. Corporations are not people, they outlive people, and their free speech is backed up with far deeper pockets and a bigger megaphone than ordinary folks.